Evetography: Blog http://www.evetography.com/blog en-us #Evetography evetography@gmail.com (Evetography) Mon, 19 Mar 2018 04:14:00 GMT Mon, 19 Mar 2018 04:14:00 GMT http://www.evetography.com/img/s/v-5/u668776004-o1038986262-50.jpg Evetography: Blog http://www.evetography.com/blog 120 120 Finally Organized! AKA Adulting Win! http://www.evetography.com/blog/2018/3/finally-organized A round of applause for me please! I finally got it together and organized my photos!!! Checkmark for a task done. This week I started unofficially spring cleaning. The first thing I did was get a new external hard drive and empty out all my sd cards. I also uploaded all the old photos I wanted to keep to Flickr and on a pendrive. From now on I will keep all my files but have a separate folder for finished works and a backup online. So congratulate me. I did something productive. I'm an adult now. 

Remember how I whined last post about my back and how I wanted to go to Oz Park but didnt? Well, I got off my butt (pain and all) and went. I needed a bit of encouragement (and an adventure buddy). Pictures coming soon.

So, now for this week I need to come up with another outing/project. Sewing class is on spring recess so I have a week off. I do have sewing homework but I dont think it will be very time consuming. I was thinking about going to an occult store and explore. But I highly doubt that the employees would like that. Though I'd still like to go out of curiosity.  I have a list in a unknown part of this apartment where I wrote down possible places to visit. Need to find it STAT. 

Lastly, I just realised that I started writing before uploading photos to the platform, which means I may have to rewrite ALL of this. So, if you see this post it means I've succeeded in awesomeness. Also-hi mom!


Unofficial Tittle: Jarrod picks the coldest day ever for outside activities. :p

I absolutely loves this shot. Flowers are so delicate and precious. 

I really enjoy nature photography. I wish I would get paid to travel and take photos. It would be wonderful...😍

This is my Discovery Channel Documentary shot.


Next Ubuntu Wallpaper


Boyfriend says this photo reminds him of an alien. I kinda see it, but also see a kind of beauty that can't be manufactured.


You made it!!!


1- Got a new, less shitty phone

2- New phone has a stylus and I feel hella fancy

3- Got holographic nails for $3. 

4- Spent time with some very cool people today

5- I keep watching surgical videos. I'm obsessed. 



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Cellphone Photos # 4 http://www.evetography.com/blog/2018/3/cellphone-photos-4 I know, I know!!! I haven't updated in more than a week. I've been so busy! Between doctors appointments, sewing class and work I haven't had time to work on photography. I feel like I say this every week. I must get better at this. I really enjoy photography and its a shame that I can't dedicate all my time to it. I've yet to edit all the photos I took from the Conservatory and the Field Museum. My goal today was to get those things done, but my back had a different idea. So now, I'm laying in bed with my Linux laptop (which does not support the new Adobe Suite) trying to get at least some work done. I should research some other open-source programs to use on this system as a backup. A while back I was using Darktable. I was not in love with it. Then again, I'm not a fan of most open-source graphic and art editing programs. I seem to just not understand them. So, I'm sure it's just me. I know that with this health issue I'll have to find new ways to get around it. So, some light research on new programs might be of use. Who knows, I might just completely switch to a new open-source program.

Anyway, I had a change of plans today. I was going to spend the day at Oz Park then a work meeting and then some light shopping. As my back was bothering me, I opted out of the park but I will still go to the work meeting and shopping. These are inside activities. I like inside activities... That might also have something to do with me staying home... :)

I did managed to upload some photos to this site last week but was unable to publish them since I didn't have time to write a blog. Photos below.

A view of the UIC Health Campus

The hallway where my doctor's office is located has these beautiful windows. I was in love.

I posted a similar photo last week. But this one speaks to me.

Another shot of the Green Line platform.



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Cell Phone Photos #3 http://www.evetography.com/blog/2018/2/cell-phone-photos-3 Hey all!

I've been super busy this week. Photos were taken, it was awesome! Yesterday, I went to the Field Museum for the first time. It was so exciting and interesting! I will be back! I've yet to edit those photos or the ones from the Conservatory but I'm hopeful it will happen this next week. In fact, it WILL happen next week. 


I've been taking my camera out with me lately. Its been nice to have impromptu photoshoots with random objects. Also, took it to work. I did cheat by shooting in auto, but I loved playing with angles and capturing some really cool moments.

 Besides editing this week, I will plan my next weekend escape. I might just head over to Oz Park. I've been obsessed with going ever since I found out about it. 

Lastly, has anyone noticed how cold it is today? Freezing...

The Cicero Green Line

Tweaked this photo and made it really bright. It's weird but I kinda like it. 

Accidental artsy photo. Very in love with it.



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Quick Edits http://www.evetography.com/blog/2018/2/quick-edits I have lots to show you! I haven't edited yet so it will not be up today. That said, I did do a quick edit or some photos representative of my week. Enjoy!

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What Have I Done?!?!?!? http://www.evetography.com/blog/2018/2/what-have-i-done So, in a fit of anger, annoyance and sadsies I deleted my entire Lightroom catalog from my PC. I'm not mad tho'. I saved what I wanted. Everything else was just annoyance... Forward to a week from now when I'm crying about deleting my photos.

I had this whole "Week in the Life" blog I wanted to do. Took all the photos and managed to transfer them to the computer. As soon as I was trying to choose and edit my photos, it all got so overwhelming. Lightroom was glitching, I couldn't find the folder, computer was slow, etc. I ended up just chalking it up to "one of those days". But before I did that, I transferred some files and then proceeded to delete EVERYTHING! It still hasn't hit me yet. I will say everything looks so much cleaner now! 

Today, I finally sat down to edit. I took some of the photos I'd saved and proceeded to do my thing. I must be going crazy because it was almost impossible to finish this post. I couldn't get the effects I wanted and to my surprise I have forgotten how to use the damn program. My memory is failing. I AM OLD.

I am chalking this whole experience to "I've been 3 days cooped up in the house freezing and it took almost 2 hours to get my car out of the snow". Needless to say I took a snow day today. 

Tomorrow I will try again. Why? Because that's life and there is no point in feeling sorry for myself. I shall brush up on my Lightroom skills, I will re-check my computer, I will take more photos, I will fight the snow. I bought a shovel today. I am prepared! 


This weeks work. I'm most proud of it because even when life was kicking my ass, I kept on going. So GO ME!


I was going for a Walmart photoshoot. Yes, I stole this idea from the internets...

Mr. boyfriend contemplating how get gets caught up in all these situations


Honestly, I don't even how how to call this but I liked it so it's staying. 

*edit* I think I called it Winter snow or something... 

I took this one a while ago, but again I was in the area a couple of days ago so it made the cut.

I call this Artsy Fartsy (not really)


This one I titled Winter Grey. I think we all know why. 


P.S.: I'm trying very hard to make my updates every Thursday but it seems it might not be a great day. I might change this to Saturdays. I will keep you all posted in what I choose. 



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Week in the Life - Coming Soon http://www.evetography.com/blog/2018/2/week-in-the-life--coming-soon Hello all!

Last week I used my cellphone to take pictures of my daily life. I did not post last week because I wanted to finish the whole week and post all at once. I finish today. I'm hopeful that in the next few days I will have enough time to edit and post. In the mean time enjoy this shots... STAY TUNED!!!


Yeah, I don't know what happened here, lol!

She claims she was drunk but I think she was goofy and lovely!!!


Chi-tartica at its best!





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From my Heart http://www.evetography.com/blog/2018/1/from-my-heart So...I don't know if I've mentioned here but I suffer from mental illness. Because of this, there are certain things that are difficult for me to do. One of these things is watching sad shows / movies.  They seem to have too much effect on me and I have an episode. Today, I was watching the new season of a series I love and the main character started taking about her battle with depression and anxiety. I quickly connected with the character and all I was holding deep inside carried over to the surface. Now, as I sit here alone in my room drenched in my own self-pity reminicing about all those good times that never happened, all those waste opportunities and the things that never were. I know that these feelings will pass. I know things will be better. But I know so now. If you have ever felt alone, empty, sad, anxious or simply not yourself seek help. You owe it to yourself to be your best you. It doesn't have to be this way. You are worth so much. I love you all.


I managed to transfer my cellphone photos to my computer start editing the best ones. Below, never before seen, super new, cellphone pics (remastered)


Memories of my precious children

Today. Someone is nosy.

New boots!

Meet Nina, the cutest little puppy in the whole world.

Autumn to Winter change literally happened overnight. This is the result.

Forest flowers. 

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Cellphone Photos part 2 http://www.evetography.com/blog/2018/1/cellphone-photos-part-2 Since my last upload I've spent the week watching Battlestar Galactica and working on editing new photos. In winter my chances of going out and "do photography" are slim. I have to find another way to get shots in new areas as I'm getting bored of looking at the same things. I've also noticed that I enjoy doing things like this more when I'm in a group setting. But it's been hard getting people to combat the weather in the name of photography. I'll have to woman up and do it on my own.

In the meantime, I'll continue to take photos with my phone of my daily routine. It's something I need to become accustomed to. Also, I feel like I need work with my angles. I want to be more creative when it comes to my shots and angle are a very big part of it.

          Let's make a list of what's in agenda:

  • Angles, angles, angles
  • Photos of daily life
  • Reddit challenge
  • Work on exhibit
  • Zathom Photos


Photos below:

Went to Ikea and had delicious vegetable balls. I figured I would share :) FULL DISCLOSURE: This photo is from a previous trip to Ikea but seeing as what I had this time was pretty similar I figured you all wouln't mind. :P

I took this photo a while ago but edited it recently. I've been fooling around with Snapseed and its filters.  I was going for a vintage feel not sure if I achieved it but i do like the result.

I never thought that I could make a banana look scary. LOL!

Going for another vintage look here. I think this one is closer to what I was envisioning. Well, the border might be a bit much but I really wanted to try a border out and this one seemed to match the most.

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Greetings from Chi-tartica! http://www.evetography.com/blog/2018/1/greetings-from-chi-tartica Greetings from Chi-tartica!

Yes, it is that cold! I stepped out today and regretted it immediately.  I also discovered my car was covered in snow, victim to the angry force of Mother Nature (or a very mischievous child). You all know how I feel about the cold. And if you are asking why did I move to Chicago all Im going to say is I ask myself that question too. 

I was quite busy last week. I started my sewing classes, fixed our heater (yay), got a car alarm and remote starter, work, more work, doctors, errands... It's been crazy!  Photography has unfortunately taken a backseat. Im hoping to change that this week. I have an outing tomorrow and  hoping to take advantage and sneak some photography time. Also, I have a Zathom project and a show soon so photo time HAS to happen. The weekend also seems promising I'll have to plan something for then as well (if it's not too cold).

    I found some old photos on old online accounts. Id thought id share. You will see more of them in future post as well...

I love this flowers! Im not sure when I snapped this but I have a feeling I was already living in Chicago. It might have been in the Conservatory. I'll have to check the metadata to be sure.


This little guy was found in a dog park. I thought it was adorable. Did I ever tell you about my cute things obsession? 


I called this Rosebud. Yes, I know they are not roses but the color is. I love this pic because it makes me think about the world we dont see. Do you ever wonder how an ant lives? Do you know that one human step can be a world for another creature. Crazy huh?


Crazy creepy edit. I took a shot I hated and turned it into something wonderful. I feel that this photo has a voice now. I'm pleased.



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Post Holiday Break and Return http://www.evetography.com/blog/2018/1/post-holiday-break-and-return I took a week off during the Holidays. I mostly did this because: A) It was kind of a slow week photography wise, B) It was so cold I couldn't think straight. It's still very cold out and as I've mentioned before I'm a huge baby when it comes to big temperature changes, so photo opportunities will be sparse. That said, I will continue to take advantage of every chance I get to explore some macro shots. 

Cold aside, I did take some photos of my families' Christmas Eve party. I already edited some of my favorites. I still have some more shots to review but since my computer is close to the door and our heater is broken I can't stay in this space for too long. For now, it is comfy blankets and Battlestar Galactica.   


I don't usually like taking shots of people drinking. But I really like the way this photo looks. Besides, 
I can always pretend it's water, lol!

Doggy Glamour. That's all I can say.

I love this photo. She was so excited to get the Wonder Woman sword for Christmas. I appreciate having family members that are as silly as me.  


P.S. If you are a Spanish speaking individual follow my Twitter @Evolmusings where I post sarcastic comments about life around me. I do it for the lolz! :)

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Oh Christmas!!! (2nd try) http://www.evetography.com/blog/2017/12/oh-christmas-2nd-try Sorry it took me a while to get this post up. I was busy procrastinating! LOL! It took a while to get off my butt and update. I started wrapping up Christmas gifts and by the time I was done I really didn't feel like sitting down again. It took me 2 hours to wrap everything up and by the last 45 minutes I was over it. After wrapping, I turned the computer up and guess what? Windows needed a super update! That took an hour and some to finish. But we are here now and that's what matters. Rant over! :)

Photography wise I don't have a lot to update. I'm still on my macro kick, so I've been looking at everything REAL CLOSE. I've taken some photos but nothing spectacular. Most of my time has been spent on holiday mode. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I plan to take my gear to my sister-in-law's house and harass my family. At this point I have no shame. LOL.  I really want to take photos of all the gift openings since my boyfriend will be working all day and will miss the celebration. So, I'm officially writing it in here so you all can hold me accountable. So, hold me accountable. :P


I've also been thinking of making a bigger lightbox. I really don't feel it's a good investment to buy one, so I figured I could get crafty. I saw some foam at the dollar store that would be perfect. I would have to find a way to keep it clean though. Maybe I can make a bag for it. I certainly have enough fabric for this. 


I started experimenting with a laser pointer an my cell phone. I really liked the outcome. 

It almost looks like a star... or a butthole. Your choice. :)

I taken photos like this before. I loved the clean lines and the simplicity of the shot.

I really didn't do anything to this. #nofilter #zerolightroom

As you can notice, I love my babies. I adore this shot of Hershey. She just cares not for my photography. 

I could summarize this photo as: That moment when your pets are over you... 

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From an Ugly Ducking to a Swan http://www.evetography.com/blog/2017/12/from-an-ugly-ducking-to-a-swan Lately, I've struggled to make content due to the weather. I don't like the cold, never have. So, I avoid any creative outing that requires me being under 60 degrees. I'm a big baby, I know.  That said, I refuse to stop creating. I've been taking lots of random photos and working on my editing skills. I've also been playing around macro photography. I have this old lens extension with some macro capabilities. It's pretty horrible. But for some reason I've kept it around and occasionally play with it. The images it produces are not clear and aren't really of use. But it does create (with a little help from Lightroom) a nice abstract look. So... I did a couple of things...


Flexing Chlorophyll

I almost feel like this shot mimics human muscles. Funny to think this a dried up flower.


Flower Heart. 

Continuing with the human body, this shot reminds me of a human heart. At first this shot was horrible looking and blurred.

Not, not so. I wanted to crop it a bit so it wouldn't show that random spot in the back but ultimately decided not to.

Tell me what you think! 


'nuff said :)

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December Madness! http://www.evetography.com/blog/2017/12/december-madness The holidays are a hard time for me. Ever since I moved to the mainland, I've had a hard time with being alone on Christmas. Then again, I think this is normal. My family is far away and even though I have a new family, I still miss the loved ones left behind. For that reason, I've been piling on work on top the regular season craziness. I taken on some new projects: a story project, day in the week photos and regular work. 


Wish me luck!


My Little Princess

I never get tired of taking photos of this beauty. She is my life.

I've been collecting stills from work. This is one of them. I've yet to edit all the shots but I feel like my best moments from these series have been captured with my phone. 

Another moment from the office. 

The Impossible Birthday.

We went to try the Impossible Burger for the boyfriends birthday. It was delicious. Happy birthday honey!!!

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Post Thanksgiving Madness!!! http://www.evetography.com/blog/2017/12/post-thanksgiving-madness After eating copious amounts of turkey, this house has declared the Thanksgiving celebrations over. Now, we (the dogs, the boyfriend and I) welcome with much joy the start of the Holiday festivities...

Life post mom has been interesting. I miss her and I wish she could have stayed longer. We talked on the phone for 2 hours today. Its been a while since I've talked to another human for 2 hours on and about anything. Life is slowly coming back to normal and that familiar feeling of homesickness is starting to rear its ugly little head again. When she was here, I felt whole. I miss that. 

The post mom world has brought also a relief to my cold. Each day I feel stronger. Especially now since I stopped taking flu medicine. I appears that a certain cold & flu brand I recently bought was doing more damage than good. Since I stopped taking it, I feel much better. 

On Monday, I fired up my trusty desktop and edited a few photos. I've been slowly posting them on IG.  Check them out @evetography if you wish to see them and my other work.

One BIG problem I have is to remember to incorporate the creative areas of my life into day to day tasks. I am quite task oriented. So, if I am asked to do something, it is very rare that I'll stop for a photo. Which in turn means I will probably forget in its entirely to actually take a shot.

I have to force myself to remember to stop and take in the scenery. I know that with time I will be able and conscious enough to record a digital memory. Life is not about the grand, boisterous events. In fact, it is made up of tiny, repetitive tasks. It is up to us to find beauty in them...


I titled this photo "'A Way Out" Because it reminds me that even thought the path to a better situation might be scary and lonely it is still doable.  

Enter Dimension. when I look at this shot, I always feel life I'm entering the world of Alice in Wonderland. 

How far the rabbit hole do YOU want to go?

Out to Sea (and far from the land of broken dreams) 

There is always another day.


This piece I really like. It reminds me to stop looking and dive right in.  If you want your dreams to come true, don't stay in the shore. (Advise that I myself should be heading).



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Happy Thanksgiving!!! http://www.evetography.com/blog/2017/11/happy-thanksgiving Hello all! I wanted to tell you about my Thanksgiving week. Its been an interesting and chaotic one. My mom is in town and brought with her a nasty cold... Guess who got a cold?  Me!!!

I made an awesome turkey. People, I made a turkey!! It was so good, Ive been thinking about making some YouTube cooking videos. It was that amazing!

In better circumstances, I would have taken lots of photos, but sickness ruined my plans. I will make up for this. Two weeks without photos is quite shameful.

This next week I plan on working really hard on everything photo related. I have a project Ive been meaning to start. All I can tell you is that its about eyes... Stay tuned for that.

My moms bday was this week also. I made her a cake. Video soon.



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Momma's in Town! http://www.evetography.com/blog/2017/11/mommas-in-town Hey all!

My mom is in town so things are moving a bit slower. I've managed to show her around my area and see Justice League. I'm hoping that tomorrow we will have a bit of time to fiddle around with the camera and take shots.

So, stay tuned for updates!





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This Week @ Evetography: Cable, Leads and Happiness http://www.evetography.com/blog/2017/11/this-week-evetography-cable-leads-and-happiness Hey all!

This week has been super hectic. I've said this before, it's still true now. Lots of meetings and new opportunities await. I have a couple of leads... Maybe you'll see me on T.V. soon 😊.


We got cable today...finally! So I took a bit if a break today. But, tomorrow it's back to work!


Tomorrow will consist of lots of editing, doctors appointments and some day-job work. I'll also work on those leads. 


Now some photos for you... Enjoy!

I call this one Greetings from my Lonely Place...

When I saw this shot, it reminded me of a postcard and of depression. Of the place we all go when we are sad.  What does it remind you of?

El Capitan! Shot reminds me of the Pirates of the Caribbean. It mixes this gritty, city, urban vibe and Disney. I really like it. 




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Birthday Weekend and Other Agendas... http://www.evetography.com/blog/2017/11/birthday-weekend-and-other-agendas Helloooo!!!!

I've been meaning to post since Wednesday but my lower back has a limit of 4 consecutive sitting hours. I was working from home and by the time I got to work on my own stuff I had to lay down. I did however upload some photos to share, just never got around to actually posting them. 

It's been a pretty busy week. I seem to be saying this a lot lately. Not mad about it. I actually prefer being busy. It keeps my mind from wondering to not-so-pleasant memories. 

I will use today to get better organized. I cant seem to function without a plan so today will be the day to hash this all out. I think that if I make an effort to do this every week and follow through I can pretty much handle life/adulting. 

Let's get to the real reason for this post: MY BIRTHDAY!!! 

I've decided to have a low-key birthday with friends. Going to a buffet place and then to see the new Thor movie. I was lucky enough to get an early b-day gift from my sister. She got me the original Nikon remote. I had acquired one of those non-brand ones but it never worked, FAIL! I'm pretty excited about this since it will allow me to be my own subject. Also, I'm sure it will be an enormous help with those shot there you need to have steady hand. 

I should also get a new phone but after seeing the sales this month I'm not sure I can afford it. But I'm hoping for a miracle... or Black Friday deals, either one. :)

Anyway, I edited some photos this week. Let me know what you think! 


Part of the Pilsen Photo Walk. I really like the ambiance of this edit. It's honestly not as creepy during daylight. But then again, I don't know the history of this piece so I'm really not the person to tell you. 

Sewer top had this drawn on. I really like the way this piece looks. 


I titled this "Dear Mayor". A friend suggested it and quite honestly its pretty fitting. 

I love taking shots of street signs. I find them so interesting. I believe they gauge the feel of the people. I look to them for societal information. Memes serve a similar purpose. Think about it. 

Pretty self-explanatory.

I always thought churches were pretty. I guess they do possess their own kind of magic. I went to catholic school for 10 years. I never drank the

kool-aid  but I will admit that when a group of people but their minds together great things can happen... or very evil things. 

This photo is a shot of the walkway on Montrose beach @ night. It reminds me of the Moon. I find it very interesting. Also, if you look at the mid-left side of the shit you see a small white dot. That's the Earth.


evetography@gmail.com (Evetography) artist birthday block camera chicago fun moon organization photo photography pilsen plans shoot http://www.evetography.com/blog/2017/11/birthday-weekend-and-other-agendas Sat, 04 Nov 2017 23:53:33 GMT
Just Wanted to Share http://www.evetography.com/blog/2017/10/just-wanted-to-share Fight Club Bear

evetography@gmail.com (Evetography) artist bear block chicago fun graffiti photo pilsen urban http://www.evetography.com/blog/2017/10/just-wanted-to-share Sat, 28 Oct 2017 04:12:26 GMT
No, I haven't Forgotten About You http://www.evetography.com/blog/2017/10/no-i-havent-forgotten-about-you No, I didn't stop updating this site. I haven't forgotten about you. I just wanted to have the time to make a proper update. It turned out for the best. I was able to finish work from my day job in record time AND had the weekend to go about and explore. Turns out there was a photography meetup last Friday and I was able to catch some amazing light spinning shots.

On Saturday there was another meetup by Pilsen and I went to that one as well. I loved looking at all the neighborhood art. So much culture! I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet so many new people and take great photographs. It was a lovely weekend.

I've only started to edit the photos I shot. I'm a slow editor. When I see a picture, I have a vision and until I am able to transmit it successfully I can't spot editing. So, It takes me a while. That said, I am very proud of what each shot becomes. The photos from both events that I've already edited look amazing. I'll try to make time today to put them on my shop as I'm working (again) on this site and its social media. Let me know what you think. And if you know of any other spots I should hit in Chicago, drop me a comment or email, I'm down!  


Here's a sneak peek!!!


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