And Everywhere and Nowhere all at the Same Time

October 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hey everyone!

Lots of stuff happening! I don't even know where to start!

First of all, I'm on the process to return to school. I've started getting my papers together and I have a meeting next Friday with an adviser to talk about this. I hope all goes well. 

I was supposed to go exploring today around Chicago since this weekend the city sponsors private architectural buildings to open to the public. Unfortunately, the rain was way too strong and I decided to not to go. I didn't want to get sick and I didn't want to risk my gear getting wet. I felt bad. I really wanted to go. 

Since I have a feeling we will be having more rainy, cold days, I've decided that it will be a good time to experiment indoors.  I have a vague idea of a project I want to do, but it involves building a set. I want to work on this. I'm rather excited to see what I come up with.  

Lastly, last Wednesday was my sister-in-laws birthday party. I completely forgot to bring my camera but I did manage to take some cell phone photos. Well, when I said cell phone photos I meant I played with the funny camera settings and started making experimental funky shots. Enjoy!



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