Medieval Times, Welcome Back Muse and Others...

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Hello my friends... This is the second time I attempt to write this post. My previous super amazing writings were erased by my evil computer. Fake nails and keyboards don't mix. I wont cry over spoiled milk but... IT WAS AN AWESOME POST! I will try to do it justice so bear with me... 


Let's talk about today...

This day, October 2nd 2017, will be marked by a tragedy we can never forget. Many innocent people lost their lives by the hand of an angry, sick person who committed an act of domestic terrorism. A lot of us are lucky never to understand what is like to lose a child or spouse or a friend. I know I could never comprehend the level of pain not only the survivors of this incident but what their friends and families are feeling right now. My heart goes out to you. Keep strong. We are here for you. 

I rarely make any sort of political statement or share my views on important issues. I tend to avoid these kinds of conversations because it riles sentiments and emotions (two things I'm not very good at). But also because I believe that I'm not verse enough on these topics to produce an informed opinion. However, this time I must say something because I can no longer keep quiet. We cannot let this kinds of horrendous incidents become the norm. We cannot let a group or groups control our peace. We must speak up, we must do better. We deserve better and our children deserve better. I urge you all to take a step in the right direction. I urge you all to critically analyse what life you would like to live. I ask you to look within yourself and find the courage to take action. 

Organize a protest, collect signatures, write an essay, contact your congressman etc. Let everyone know where you stand. Let the world know that this cannot happen again. Demand change. Because today is them but tomorrow may be you.


Let's talk about this month - Hurricanes, Earthquakes. the world is crumbling!

September was a busy day for mother nature. Between hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico and Earthquakes in Japan, Mexico and others. Let's all face it, we're all running a bit more cautious these days. Eventually, I'd like to write an essay about all this but at this time I will just say: Hold on, help is coming and we love you. 

If you can donate to the cause, I urge you to do so. I know that there are a lot of people still in need of food, water, gas etc. Also, keep in mind people were not the only ones suffering from this tragedy. Keep all animals in your prayers and if you can help their cause pitch in. Remember that even just a can of food can feed a dog for a day. 


Moving to happier thoughts...

I went to Medieval times!!! I had already experienced it last year for the first time, but it was just as magical the second time around. I wish I could have taken photos with my nice camera but as a gold star member of the FAT club and having 2 pledges at each side with me, it would have been hard to properly manage such an expensive piece of equipment. That said, I did managed to get some cellphone shots (which I will share with you in this post). In all, it was a very needed trip to Schaumburg. May it be repeated again and again and again...


The Muse is Back! 

After a final battle between my artist block and me, I came out the victor. I am filled with new ideas and concepts I want to explore. I do need to sit down and properly write down all my visions so I can start working. I will probably do so in the next few days. I will tell you, I'm planning to do more art shows, experiment new concepts and bring back some old styles. 2018 will be filling with a lot of creativity, new creations and great art! I'm very excited. Can you tell? :)



I'm known for taking a LOT of nature photos. Nature inspires me and fills me with joy. Since I started living in Chicago, my time with nature has been dramatically reduced. (I used to live in a mangrove, I kid you not!). So, I've made it my mission to regularly take time out from the city life and return to nature (whatever form that may take). Last Saturday I was lucky enough to find some time to walk and explore my area's forest preserve. Again, I had taken the dogs so I was not able to get all the shots I wanted but I did manage to get a photo of my dog which I loved. For some reason it spoke to me. I guess my baby was happy and I was happy for her. At home I quickly Instagram edited the shot and uploaded it online. I was happy to see that it brought joy to other people as well. Sometime this week (most likely Thursday since I've made it my official "work on photography day") I will update this site with fancy edited photos of my trip. I want you all to fall in love just like I did. 


I will now close the longest blog post I've ever made with the following: Follow your dreams, fall in love with yourself and be joyful! 

Be safe, I love you all. 


This is me @ the Pancakes and Booze show. I had some works for sale at the event. I will make a post about this soon.  

I made this! 

Photos from the best day ever with the worst camera ever. I buy cheap phone because I break them in about 12 weeks average. 

I "fixed" this one!

In love! I do need to photoshop that leash out of the way. But still in love! 



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