Cell Phone Photos #3

February 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hey all!

I've been super busy this week. Photos were taken, it was awesome! Yesterday, I went to the Field Museum for the first time. It was so exciting and interesting! I will be back! I've yet to edit those photos or the ones from the Conservatory but I'm hopeful it will happen this next week. In fact, it WILL happen next week. 


I've been taking my camera out with me lately. Its been nice to have impromptu photoshoots with random objects. Also, took it to work. I did cheat by shooting in auto, but I loved playing with angles and capturing some really cool moments.

 Besides editing this week, I will plan my next weekend escape. I might just head over to Oz Park. I've been obsessed with going ever since I found out about it. 

Lastly, has anyone noticed how cold it is today? Freezing...

The Cicero Green Line

Tweaked this photo and made it really bright. It's weird but I kinda like it. 

Accidental artsy photo. Very in love with it.




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