Cellphone Photos # 4

March 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I know, I know!!! I haven't updated in more than a week. I've been so busy! Between doctors appointments, sewing class and work I haven't had time to work on photography. I feel like I say this every week. I must get better at this. I really enjoy photography and its a shame that I can't dedicate all my time to it. I've yet to edit all the photos I took from the Conservatory and the Field Museum. My goal today was to get those things done, but my back had a different idea. So now, I'm laying in bed with my Linux laptop (which does not support the new Adobe Suite) trying to get at least some work done. I should research some other open-source programs to use on this system as a backup. A while back I was using Darktable. I was not in love with it. Then again, I'm not a fan of most open-source graphic and art editing programs. I seem to just not understand them. So, I'm sure it's just me. I know that with this health issue I'll have to find new ways to get around it. So, some light research on new programs might be of use. Who knows, I might just completely switch to a new open-source program.

Anyway, I had a change of plans today. I was going to spend the day at Oz Park then a work meeting and then some light shopping. As my back was bothering me, I opted out of the park but I will still go to the work meeting and shopping. These are inside activities. I like inside activities... That might also have something to do with me staying home... :)

I did managed to upload some photos to this site last week but was unable to publish them since I didn't have time to write a blog. Photos below.

A view of the UIC Health Campus

The hallway where my doctor's office is located has these beautiful windows. I was in love.

I posted a similar photo last week. But this one speaks to me.

Another shot of the Green Line platform.




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