Finally Organized! AKA Adulting Win!

March 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A round of applause for me please! I finally got it together and organized my photos!!! Checkmark for a task done. This week I started unofficially spring cleaning. The first thing I did was get a new external hard drive and empty out all my sd cards. I also uploaded all the old photos I wanted to keep to Flickr and on a pendrive. From now on I will keep all my files but have a separate folder for finished works and a backup online. So congratulate me. I did something productive. I'm an adult now. 

Remember how I whined last post about my back and how I wanted to go to Oz Park but didnt? Well, I got off my butt (pain and all) and went. I needed a bit of encouragement (and an adventure buddy). Pictures coming soon.

So, now for this week I need to come up with another outing/project. Sewing class is on spring recess so I have a week off. I do have sewing homework but I dont think it will be very time consuming. I was thinking about going to an occult store and explore. But I highly doubt that the employees would like that. Though I'd still like to go out of curiosity.  I have a list in a unknown part of this apartment where I wrote down possible places to visit. Need to find it STAT. 

Lastly, I just realised that I started writing before uploading photos to the platform, which means I may have to rewrite ALL of this. So, if you see this post it means I've succeeded in awesomeness. Also-hi mom!


Unofficial Tittle: Jarrod picks the coldest day ever for outside activities. :p

I absolutely loves this shot. Flowers are so delicate and precious. 

I really enjoy nature photography. I wish I would get paid to travel and take photos. It would be wonderful...😍

This is my Discovery Channel Documentary shot.


Next Ubuntu Wallpaper


Boyfriend says this photo reminds him of an alien. I kinda see it, but also see a kind of beauty that can't be manufactured.


You made it!!!


1- Got a new, less shitty phone

2- New phone has a stylus and I feel hella fancy

3- Got holographic nails for $3. 

4- Spent time with some very cool people today

5- I keep watching surgical videos. I'm obsessed. 




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