Mini Photo/Video Dump

October 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Sitting or pooping?

Finally!!!! With this post I should be up to date with daily events. Video and photos were taken with not so great equipment and not really looking at what I'm doing (to be completely honest). I will try to caption what I can so as not to lose you. But most is pretty self-explanatory -- I think. 

Also, it will be already Friday when I post this. I really wanted to get this up sooner but i got sidetracked attempting to book at flight (in which I was unsuccessful) and sort of (let's call it "fixing") my computer. 

My attempt at a crowd video. It was a pretty chill night.

This one looks more professional. I'm not a videographer, lol

My friend and I decided to exhibit together. We met lots of awesome people those two night. We will be back! 

My babies!

Moving on...____________________________________________________________________________

Went to the forest preserve 2 weeks ago. Had an amazing time and filled me up with inspiration.

Candid photo of the boyfriend and little Hershey


We decided to have a picnic here next time!




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