Slowly Out of the Funk...

August 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment




Lately Ive been forcing myself to come off this awful artist block that has taken over my life in the last few months. Next week, Im planning to spend some quality time in the woods and Im taking my camera with me. Ive also noticed (which should have been obvious to me) that one of the many reasons Ive been feeling uncreative is my workspace. My ¨office¨ area in which I do most of my edits, consists of a very old, very battered second hand computer desk. Its broken in a few places and in all honesty make me puke in the mouth a bit. Ive been looking for a new desk for a couple of weeks now. But Ive yet to find something that fits my needs and is not $200+ dollars.  So, yesterday I decided I was going to give it a makeover. I will sand it, I will paint it and I will give it a new top. (Be on the lookout for a photo dump of this DIY). The best part is that Ill use the money I had set aside for the desk and invest in a good office chair (which I badly need).


This last week I also had a mini-photoshoot at the house. I mostly played around with my camera and explored some settings. I still have to go through all the shots (I mostly have to decide what to make of them) but I did edit 2 that I found adorable. Enjoy!


Daddy Love


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