I Fumble But I Go - Cellphone Photos # 5

April 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Yes, I inadvertently took a week off but I'm back! Sewing class started again and I had to resolve some personal issues which made posting a bit difficult. That said, when I don't post on this blog I try to update my Instagram so you all know what I'm up to. Take at look at it here:  @evetography 

My week was filled with lots of work, new friends, the world's most beautiful wig and movies. I need to remind myself to whip out my phone more often when I'm out. I really struggle with that. When I'm doing anything remotely interesting I'm usually with someone and I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. You would be surprised the amount of people that don't like a camera pointed to their face. Can't say I blame them though. I don't like it either. I much rather be behind the lens. On a much positive note, I did manage to get some shots. I will add them below as always.

Tomorrow is my photo adventure day. I originally wanted to spend it at C2E2 but it was financially impossible. My backup plan was to drive to Naperville for a festival. I really want to go. It's one of those events where people throw colored powder at each other. I SO want in on that! However, I don't want to mess up my nice camera (which is not much of an issue since I can always take my backup gear) but also the event is outside and tomorrow is going to be colder than usual. It seems Chicago is going through it's last Winter leg so mother nature is going all out before spring (but that's another topic for another day). Did I also mention that it's messy and I will not submit my only decent winter coat to that abuse? Yes, it's mainly that. Lol. My current plan is to meet some new friends at a wig store (again) and continue the search for the perfect wig. Yes, I will take pictures...remind me yeah?


The joys of watchng movies on a weekday ❤❤❤


I believe this was on Paulina and Milwaukee. Originally, I wanted a photo of the passing train but I was too late to get the shot. I did take this. I like it better because I was able to take my time with it.


I leave my vehicle in haunted places...


Walmart adventures. Also, I feel this shot screams abductee...








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