Hello Stranger!

May 21, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Yes, It's been a minute. I know. I've been busy with work, preparing for my workshop (read more here) and various other tasks that have consumed my weeks. Also, my mom is coming to visit. So, for the next few weeks, I have to pretend I am an adult :)

Have I told you all that I am seriously considering moving out of the City? OMG this weather!!! It seems the midwest is 2 months behind everyone else. It still feels like March. It's almost June. Come onnnnnn Summer!!! 

I'm hoping to do a bit of traveling this Memorials Day weekend. I'd like to go to Milwaukee. I've never been and it be a nice change of pace.  Ideally, I would be in Hawaii or somewhere summery where I could wear long flowy skirts and the sun would kiss my skin. But I'll work with what I got (which coincidently is the key phrase of May).

I took some cellphone shots in the past few weeks. Some I have played around with, others I have not. Can you guess which ones?

Lastly, (and unrelated) I bought a nice journal at Walmart's clearance section and I made a shirt. #winnning. 



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