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August 19, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Everyday the alarm rings, I open my eyes, see the same old bed, the same old beige walls, the same old nightstand and the same old me... I wish I was dead.  I get up and feel an intense pain engulfs my body. From the joints of my toes to the skin on my head. Everyday it is the same. Nothing changes...

As I sit at my work desk on a Monday morning while I wait for the repairman I ponder at all my lifes choices. Have I always made right decision? Have I been true to myself? Or as that famous propaganda that inspired another cycle of war promoted: have I been all that I can be? 

The answer is no.

But then again, who is?

So I sit on my workdesk waiting for the repairman to come full of dreams that will never be as I waste my breath on a souless existance and hope for an unlikeky escape to worlds  beyond.  Beyond this desk, beyond these walls, beyond this table and beyond me.


Moving on... 

I still have a bunch of photos to edit from my Pilsen adventure. Honestly, Ive been so busy that I've just haven't found the time. Lately, it feels like I have to be 3 different places all at the same time. It is tiring and soul-sucking. That said, I will try to get a move on.  


I want to do move with these photos than just post them to this blog. Maybe print them out and sell? In relity I just want them seen. Its such a shame just have such beautiful images and keep in a winsows folder. I have to get more imaginative.


Photos from new phone...




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