Christkindlmarket Chicago AKA KristmasNaught-(y)

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   It's been one hell of a year. 2019 brought many challenges. It also came with many wonderful things. Last year I was able to re-enroll in school, I got a well-deserved raise and vacation time, I taught art and was able to travel a bit. On the other hand, 2019 came with many heartaches. My fibromyalgia worsened, my mother got sick, my dogs got sick etc. I had to step back and constantly rearrange my surroundings in order not to drown. It was hard. But we keep walking. This year 2020 I hope I can accomplish the things I had originally planned for 2019 and many more. The following 365 days (or 361 if you're keeping score, #leapyear) I plan to travel, get back into art, eat better and finish school. I have hope that good things will come my way. I wish the same for you.

    Moving on, back in December I went to the Christkindlmarket with friends. I had hoped to take many photos. That said I also knew the place had to be packed... and it was! Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time, ate a german Bearclaw and had a very nice cheese and salami sandwich (Raclette???). I also saw a Santa behaving a bit naughty, LOL! This year I'm planning to go again but this time on it's Naperville location (apparently there is one, who knew?).

    I wasn't able to really focus on taking photos. We were packed like sardines, but I did get some wonderful shots. Also, I want to point out that it was extremely cold. So let me say it again. IT WAS EXTREMELY COLD AND I BRAVED IT AND WENT! #2019goals #Gooomeee!


As we were walking towards the event, I was able to capture some city shots. I really loved the way they look on B&W. It seems like the scenery really comes alive. It's weird since we usually think of vibrant photos when in color. But there was something about these two shots that desaturated make them classy and chic. 

I have to figure out the story behind this statue. I believe I have seen some of them around but I'm not sure. To me it looks like the devil and a seahorse made a baby. 


EDIT: It's a Picasso

More Downtown imagery

As I was editing this image I came across a certain filter that made this photo have a certain Sepian look. I really enjoyed how it looked and wanted to share it with you. When I saw it I thought it looked a lot like a Batman movie set, city mafia etc. Do you see it too?

The Grinch was present at the holiday festivities, LOL!

On the way over, I saw this fancy looking place. I decided to take a photo for future investigation. It has yet to be investigated...


I just realized I didn't correctly crop the image ion the left. That's OK. It stays. I still really like the image. And the random hat reminds me to be more careful next time. Also, it's a lovely hat!

The photo on the right is where we finally got our sandwiches. Yay for raclette sandwiches??? I really need to stop calling it that and find the correct terminology.

More city views...

I didn't notice anything of the ordinary when I took this photo. There were lots of people and I was distracted by food. However, when editing I did notice one thing. Can you guess what it was?



... Is it me or there is no baby Jesus???


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