Miami Bitch! : The Cellphone Photo Dump

February 12, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

    I have a feeling I uploaded all these photos at the airport while at the gate because I really wanted to make a post happen... I also believe I may have actually pushed the "publish" button but it never uploaded... Repressed childhood memory? Maybe. The feeling you may actually be correct? Priceless. LOL!

     Anywho, I leave with my SUPER AWESOME cellphone photos from my Miami Trip!


RRRRReeeemix!!!(You know you did the thing, didn't ya? :))


I don't remember where I took this. If I had to guess, I'd imaged it was Wynwood. That whole area is full of AMAZING art. Even the building structures play a part in the vibe. It's pretty awesome and a place to definitely check out if you wander yourselves into the area. 

Ben's friends were really cool too. A bit too close to the DO NOT POOP area but overall kind dudes. Great travel guides as well. Recommend the best places in Miami. 5/5!

I thought this was a cool view. I'm sure it looks pretty neat at night. 

This is the back of that area. It be neat to explore around there more. That said, I keep remembering a wall around that made shooting a bit weird. I just can't seem to place it. I'll have to ask the family. 


Basically the whole flight back home, lol! My face always looks weird when photographed. So, you know when someone takes a photos and the most attractive person looks like a gargoyle and the ugliest one looks like a model? I'm one of those people. 

This is what I meant when I said that the architecture matches the area. It's so lovely!!! 

I also wished I had a better, more expansive vocabulary so I could say more than "This is pretty!"

Saw this car while in a car. It's like picture-in-picture. Even better! Like Inception...

I took this at the center of Aventura Mall. I must say, they had some serious Holiday Spirit. I also tried a model on my cellphone camera. It basically makes your subject look like it's much farther away than what it actually is. That's why the sides of the picture look elongated. 

I make a beautiful 4th extra in a Star Wars movie. I was never much into the franchise. Now, I liked the ones I've seen. I will say that I like the newer ones more than the original. I know, bash me but I like my CGI. Actually, my favorite movie is Pacific Rim, so yeah...

One of the many, many, MANY traffic jams we experienced south. I did use my time wisely and pretty much started shooting. I must have the ugliest photographic evident for traffic. LOL!

This local seemed to be more of an estate sale than a gallery. A Lot of the pieces were items from a closed hotel. All item items seemed to be intricately crafted and interesting. That said, were really expensive. Almost, purposedly unattainable.   

I posted this place in my previous post. The other shot is at night, in all its elegance. It doesn't have the same charm during the daytime. It was also a rainy day so my background was not cooperating. But I do like that the tree in the background are blurred in a trip magical way. It almost looks like they are trapped in a forcefield. 

I had a vibe for this one. I wanted it to look like those '40s, 50's artsy photos. Like those you see on Time Magazine.

HDR mode on blast. I'm not in love with the shoot, but I really enjoy the fact that it looks like a memory.

I will say, that is an accurate depiction of Chicago snow.  

I felt I was in a very expensive Quinceañera.

I stared at this photo for a while. I rarely take a photo. I much more rather be in the background. Like that kid that's stuck backstage when he really wants to be the star. You start studying your features and wonder if you would recognize yourself if you saw yourself in the street. Having an identical twin should be really weird.  

The buildings look like toys. I find it curious. Remember those carton models for architecture class? Exactly!  

Behold the dirty window effect! Well, to be fair the windows were really clean. I was just really close to them and for some reason, it didn't occur to me that I could always roll the window down. I have episodes like that. I don't think of the purely obvious choice. I'm a tad worried about that. I lack astuteness. 


    This is the end of the Miami trip. I do have a couple of more photos but they're repetitive so I saw no point on including them. I also have to think of a post idea for next week. I haven't done anything remotely interesting in a while. I may get more creative with this blog. I'd like to show you my learning process, how I figure out things. I also downloaded a video editor. I might try a thing or two. 


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