Valentine's Day: The Wndr Museum Adventures

March 09, 2020  •  1 Comment

Whoa! It's that time again! I'm back with brand new stuff! ... OK, well that might have been too much emotion, LOL. But, I'll tell you, sometimes you just need to throw all that emotion out there. Because, why not? - Evelyn Word's of Wisdom. 

So, Valentine's Day... the boyfriend and I made our way to Wndr Museum. This place is close to downtown and it shows. I was smart enough to score a reasonably priced parking space with a new app I had downloaded.  Our parking area was in a dead-end alley and a huge city garbage truck was blocking the garage entrance. After some words, we were able to have the garbage truck move enough to pass by and have a 2-inch gap on each side between the truck and the building wall. 

We headed to the venue after marveling at the technology at the garages entrance. We passed by a 7-11 and some school kids. It was really cold that day. Gloves were a must-have. After spotting the place and heading towards the entrance, I couldn't load the tickets. I will admit, I had a mini-meltdown. Between all the traffic, cold and now this issue I was just not able to hold my anger and frustration any longer. Fortunately, I was able to pull it together. In the end, they didn't even scan our tickets. It was a pointless tantrum. Don't I feel stupid?

Anyway, the place is amazing and it changes constantly. It consists of 13 rooms in which you can interact with the installations inside and create wonderful illusions. I highly recommend this place. Here is the link to Wondr Musum Click Here!


Adventures @ Wondr Museum 

The lighted words seemed to be a theme in this exhibition. I really enjoyed that. These particular lights were part of the last rooms. I believe I took more photos of the sets. They are shown in a later shot. 

My Dalek rendition...

This is a redo of one of my earlier photos. The original photo is part of my online portfolio. See it HERE!

Boyfriend and clouds. Do you remember Slimer? I do. 

Obligatory feet picture. We all have one (or several) of these. 

This room was awesome. The lights were triggered by touch and would light up a beautiful array of colors and patterns. This was lovely!


I really love this photo. A big thank you to the boyfriend for gifting me this rose. 

Note to self: Stick all your old CDs in the walls. You will enjoy it.  

I have reached my ultimate goal. I'm a part of every 90's Missy Elliot video. 


Reminds me of The Last Podcast on the left promo photos. 

Hello? LOL! Funny that just a month after this photos was taken, I would be looking at this picture wondering how many people before him had picked up that phone.



This scares me. I think it reminds me of a scary movie. BTW, a movie that I'm pretty sure I never saw.

Bow-tie cuteness :)


Yes WE are! 

The END.


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