The Zone: A Lapidary Adventure, p.2

October 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

     So, Here it is! ... part 2. I edited the shots and picked out the nicer ones. There was a large quantity of them deemed unusable because of lighting issues. Also, I was kind of geeking out and my shots were shitty. I've been tryin to learn video editing and practicing my drawing skills. I've also been recording a sewing video series. There's lot going on! It's been a very creative week. Next week, I hope to continue making progress mostly on the sewing front and maybe I can swing by the Brookfield Zoo. I think next Saturday is free. 

So, here it comes The Zone: A Lapidary Adventure p2!

I named this one Caracol (duh). I now have gotten in the habit of naming my shots again. It's good for the brand, lol. 

I wanted to get this a shinny as possible. I tried my best to give it justice.

These were from their diorama series. A wonderful take on nature.

I really like this shot.

I got inspired by these works. I need to find the time to try my hand at dioramas. 

I love the way the light creates a shadow essentially cutting the face in half. The shot turned out like this originally but I did try accentuate the borders.

Welcome to The Lapidary Zone... get it? Get it?

Coolest piece ever...


LV, E. :P


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