Friendly Hangout in Chi-Town!

September 06, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


     About a month ago, one of my friends from college came to visit me and see the city. We had a super fun time! I'm incredibly thankful for his visit, as COVID-19 was driving me crazy and I missed friends and friendships. We went all over the city. I showed him around and some other places he wanted to specifically check out. I took a bunch of photos (all of them touristy AF) but I did manage to grab the ones I loved most to show to you.  


Hello from Chi-Town! 

We went to the Architectural Boat Tour! This is the second time I have gone (the first time was with family) and it was just as lovely or even more so than the first time. Chicago is quite lovely in the summer. I wish the city stayed this lovely during winter instead of that frigid cold. 

At the time, I knew the name of all the buildings (or at least would recognize them), but now. I remember squat! 

The Riverwalk is beautiful at night.

I think this building is lovely! I just love all the shapes. I know this may sound weird but I want to place my hand in the front of the building and touch all the shapes and feel their smoothness. I know, weird. :P


Obligatory shoe shot. At this point, you kinda have to :)


Another obligatory city shot. Again, beautiful.

Action shot @ location. We saw a lot and learned where Bueller's dad works, LOL!

I want to do something with this photo but I'm not sure what. I love the frame shape and really want to play around with it on Photoshop. Any ideas on what I could create? 


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