Well, well, well... Are we back?

November 12, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

      Well, would you look at us circling back round these forgotten lands! Truthfully, this blog (and posting on this blog) has been on my mind every single minute of every single day. I miss sitting down and just writing. I stopped myself from doing so because I am much afraid of the dark turns the words I type may bring. I dislike bringing more negativity into the world than the one I already carry as my default setting (and we can all agree that's well damned enough). As days go by, I am more certain than in order to move to the next level, it is imperative that I speak and let the words flow. It's time to let out those demons that haunt me. It's time they haunt someone else. 

     Those days of rushing are gone. The days of created anxiety have to disappear. I now enter a new chapter in which I have to learn how to live with myself and with what is and what remained. I am scared and excited all at the same time. 

      During my hiatus (the latest one), I did manage to take some shots. But mostly, I rested, tried to get better and imagined new twisted fantasies to bring to life. Don't worry, I have concocted plenty :) 

     Last September, I went to see some monster truck action (ooh, that sounds so dirty! LOL!). I wanted to take my camera, but apparently, taking a DSLR camera to these events... 'tis frowned upon. So, I had to made due with my iPhone (which, let's face it, at this point might be better then my camera #butwhatcanyoudo


I went by myself to this event... BE PROUD! 

It was still empty, no crying child in sight :)


Look 'Ma I'm on TV! 

The cars did some really neat tricks. 

Now, could you imagine me sitting in the back of this car hyperventilating? Because, I can. 

Air bitches! 

I honestly, can't even recall what the hell was happening here. Let's just say we all had fun and no one got hurt, yes?

This is my "It was in the news Ma" photo. 


Clean 'yo ass kids :P



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