Well Hello Again :)

February 14, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

     Last year was hard. I had to get out of my head (a lifelong quest that unfortunately will be never-ending) and get myself and my life together. I can honestly tell you that 2023 was one of the hardest years of my life and it took all I had and then some just to appear mediocre. I was happy to start a new year and *hopefully* all my issues will magically disappear and I will get $10M. ***MANIFESTING*** :D

Anyway, running with the idea of a friend, I want to restart this blog. However, I want to use this space to log my art projects AND my photography. I feel that my evergrowing set of interests are not fully demonstrated and I would like to display other areas of my artistic endeavors as they add and thrust themselves into my photographical creative process. 

Currently, I'm *mildly* obsessed with my new resin printer so I've been making stuff. I'm learning a lot too! --- (and I will not go into details on how it took me 3.5 hours to print the first piece because the software that came with the printer is trash). *CRIED HARD IN SPANISH*.

My art goal for 2024 is to get back into art sexyness and get those creative juices flowing. I want to feel the muse. I miss that. I haven't touched my camera in months... but it's almost time. I feel it. And I'm so humbled, happy, and blessed to touch the ether again. [Thank you universe].

So here's to a wonderful 2024, filled with love, passion, and art!

I hope the same for you. :)




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