December Madness!

December 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The holidays are a hard time for me. Ever since I moved to the mainland, I've had a hard time with being alone on Christmas. Then again, I think this is normal. My family is far away and even though I have a new family, I still miss the loved ones left behind. For that reason, I've been piling on work on top the regular season craziness. I taken on some new projects: a story project, day in the week photos and regular work. 


Wish me luck!


My Little Princess

I never get tired of taking photos of this beauty. She is my life.

I've been collecting stills from work. This is one of them. I've yet to edit all the shots but I feel like my best moments from these series have been captured with my phone. 

Another moment from the office. 

The Impossible Birthday.

We went to try the Impossible Burger for the boyfriends birthday. It was delicious. Happy birthday honey!!!


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