From an Ugly Ducking to a Swan

December 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Lately, I've struggled to make content due to the weather. I don't like the cold, never have. So, I avoid any creative outing that requires me being under 60 degrees. I'm a big baby, I know.  That said, I refuse to stop creating. I've been taking lots of random photos and working on my editing skills. I've also been playing around macro photography. I have this old lens extension with some macro capabilities. It's pretty horrible. But for some reason I've kept it around and occasionally play with it. The images it produces are not clear and aren't really of use. But it does create (with a little help from Lightroom) a nice abstract look. So... I did a couple of things...


Flexing Chlorophyll

I almost feel like this shot mimics human muscles. Funny to think this a dried up flower.


Flower Heart. 

Continuing with the human body, this shot reminds me of a human heart. At first this shot was horrible looking and blurred.

Not, not so. I wanted to crop it a bit so it wouldn't show that random spot in the back but ultimately decided not to.

Tell me what you think! 


'nuff said :)


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