Greetings from Chi-tartica!

January 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Greetings from Chi-tartica!

Yes, it is that cold! I stepped out today and regretted it immediately.  I also discovered my car was covered in snow, victim to the angry force of Mother Nature (or a very mischievous child). You all know how I feel about the cold. And if you are asking why did I move to Chicago all Im going to say is I ask myself that question too. 

I was quite busy last week. I started my sewing classes, fixed our heater (yay), got a car alarm and remote starter, work, more work, doctors, errands... It's been crazy!  Photography has unfortunately taken a backseat. Im hoping to change that this week. I have an outing tomorrow and  hoping to take advantage and sneak some photography time. Also, I have a Zathom project and a show soon so photo time HAS to happen. The weekend also seems promising I'll have to plan something for then as well (if it's not too cold).

    I found some old photos on old online accounts. Id thought id share. You will see more of them in future post as well...

I love this flowers! Im not sure when I snapped this but I have a feeling I was already living in Chicago. It might have been in the Conservatory. I'll have to check the metadata to be sure.


This little guy was found in a dog park. I thought it was adorable. Did I ever tell you about my cute things obsession? 


I called this Rosebud. Yes, I know they are not roses but the color is. I love this pic because it makes me think about the world we dont see. Do you ever wonder how an ant lives? Do you know that one human step can be a world for another creature. Crazy huh?


Crazy creepy edit. I took a shot I hated and turned it into something wonderful. I feel that this photo has a voice now. I'm pleased.




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