Cellphone Photos part 2

January 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Since my last upload I've spent the week watching Battlestar Galactica and working on editing new photos. In winter my chances of going out and "do photography" are slim. I have to find another way to get shots in new areas as I'm getting bored of looking at the same things. I've also noticed that I enjoy doing things like this more when I'm in a group setting. But it's been hard getting people to combat the weather in the name of photography. I'll have to woman up and do it on my own.

In the meantime, I'll continue to take photos with my phone of my daily routine. It's something I need to become accustomed to. Also, I feel like I need work with my angles. I want to be more creative when it comes to my shots and angle are a very big part of it.

          Let's make a list of what's in agenda:

  • Angles, angles, angles
  • Photos of daily life
  • Reddit challenge
  • Work on exhibit
  • Zathom Photos


Photos below:

Went to Ikea and had delicious vegetable balls. I figured I would share :) FULL DISCLOSURE: This photo is from a previous trip to Ikea but seeing as what I had this time was pretty similar I figured you all wouln't mind. :P

I took this photo a while ago but edited it recently. I've been fooling around with Snapseed and its filters.  I was going for a vintage feel not sure if I achieved it but i do like the result.

I never thought that I could make a banana look scary. LOL!

Going for another vintage look here. I think this one is closer to what I was envisioning. Well, the border might be a bit much but I really wanted to try a border out and this one seemed to match the most.


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