The Florida Holidaze (part #1)

January 19, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

A Quick Summary of the Week:

  1. Bought a new camera for my film photography class. Turns out the one I managed to get could not be used for the class. I believe I just solved this. I REALLY hope this works...
  2. Had a very interesting encounter with a gas station worker. Its a long story but I believe he was trying to get my pin number for not-so-great reasons. 
  3. I had a grumpy mood all week. Thankfully, it has passed. I do not like the person I become when I act like that.
  4. Saw Glass. Amazing movie! I highly recommend it!
  5. Did lots of online networking. A win for introverts everywhere :)
  6. Edited the first part of my Florida photos. There are a bunch of them. I was kind of embarrassed of how many there were... 
  7. In some sewing news: I'm back to working on that pink dress. I've started to address it as my own personal hell.
  8. Had the craziest allergy attack. It lasted 2 days. I have reason to believe this might be partly why I was so upset.
  9. I was given another camera to add to the mix. My little collection is starting to grow, yay!
  10. Took a coding class
  11. Almost bought a Nintendo Switch... almost.
  12. Survived Chitartica
  13. My workshop is a week away. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Shameless promo:

On Saturday January 26, 2019 at 12pm, I am hosting my first workshop at Positive Space Studios.

There will be light snacks, music and DIY. It will be lovely!

I really hope I can meet some you guys there. I would love to chat with you!

Get your tickets here:

Evetography's Photography to Wood Transfer Workshop

Evetography's Photography to Wood Transfer Workshop


Now, back to the Florida post...

I definitely need to upload ALL the photos somewhere. They will all be unedited but I had so much fun those few days I really want to share them with all of you. I'm hoping I also have the time to put some captions on them. I think that would be great! I'll try my best to get you a second installment ready by next week. I also want for you all to see my film shots. I'm really excited about them. 


Now... The Orlando Holidaze...



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