Workshop Madness and Other Endeavours

February 05, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

January was a crazy month. February is starting to match it up. I'm so glad to have had all these opportunities present itself to me. But I am also exhausted! After I wrap up Saturday's Uchi-Con convention I will take a short break. I need to get myself in order and refocus. Then again, if something were to fall on my lap worth the time and effort... who knows... 

So, yes. I will be selling handmade geeky jewelry at Uchi Con. Feel free to stop by! I'll be there as Eevee's Knickknacks!  More Con info here:

Lastly, I wanted to update you about my workshop. It was amazing, fantastic!!! I want to thank all the individuals that came in. Thank you for making the event a success. I would have never imagined that it would go so well!!! I love you all!!! 

This event refocused my feelings on what I want to do going forward. My dream is to own an artist space/workshop/gallery etc where I can experiment with different medium (photography included) and give sponsored classes for free, help the neighborhood etc. I'm really excited about this and will start to pursue this after my break.

This will entail A LOT of WORK! I'm scared and excited but I know I can make it happen. So off to a new ADVENTURE!!! 




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