Is This Life? What am I doing???

October 21, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Hello again! 

I'm currently stressing over my Master thesis and uploads are (and will be) a bit sparse. So far, I have developed an eye twitch and gained 10 pounds EASILY!  Anyway, I've been taking some photos with my phone and trying to learn new editing techniques while on the go. I really miss my camera, but until December, my brain has to be dedicated to finishing this degree once and for all! 

Anyway, here are some photos. Let me know what you think!

I took this photo of one of the volunteers from my job. They are in charge of tearing down stuff for recycling. In return, we teach them hands-on computer skills. It's pretty fun! 

My Little one decided to imprint me.

I sold this beauty on eBay. My job has an eBay store (which I'm in charge of and we are still setting it up) but we are selling some Apple systems online. So yay!!!

Took a little side trip to Maywood, IL since I had some errands that way and fell in love with this government building.

It's so cute!

Books... I really want to read that math book. 

The little one. She's very photogenic and doesn't mind a camera on her face. 


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