Aliens and Carnage

September 28, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

The week has been soooooooooo long! Tomorrow Sunday is the start of a whole new work week for me but I'm spent!

I had plans to stop by the "Googlefest" but the weather was not cooperating. Instead, I had the pleasure (notice my sarcasm) to wait for the exterminator and organize some paperwork. I really hate rainy days. I'm not saying that every day should be sunny and warm (although that would be pretty sweet) but every day should be sunny and warm. I hate the cold, I really do, but this year I'm going to try to be a big girl and shoot in the winter. I would really love some cool snow shots. 

Honestly, I really miss my camera. I kind of hate taking photos with my phone. I feel like there is something missing. Yet, when the opportunities arrise my phone seems to save me. I have tried to carry my camera with me but adding more weight to my bag just wasn't working out. 

Anyway, I dont have much photos today but I wanted to share two photos I really like. Mainly because of the weirdness of them all.

I was playing around with Snapseed filters and edits and I ended up this this. Is it just me or does this food look nasty? Don't get me wrong, it was delicious but I've always felt like shots of food in sepia or black and white make the items look... fleshy?  This photo might not be the greatest example but do the test yourself. Any plate in black and white looks very unappetizing. Especially, when contrast is added.  

If you look carefully inside the pen-drawn circle there are 3 to 4 tiny circles with dots on them. I can see 3 in this photo. Sometimes, I can see 4. I've been calling them my alien implant. When I first thought about it I thought it was funny. Now, as I keep thinking about it I gave myself the scares. I am now obsessed with figuring out how and when this happened. Have I experienced missing time? Do I have a alien baby on a different planet? Am I an alien?  #thoughts 

I can't be left to my own devices. 

PD: Yes that last paragraph (and this) is on a smaller font. My phone hates me.


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