Cell Phone Photos #12? - We will never know...

September 20, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

 During the past week or so Ive been trying to take more photos with my phone. Ixm hoping this will help convince me to start carrying my heavy camera like I used to. I dont anymore because Im afraid it will break (since I carry heavy things at all times) and the heaviness was wreaking havok on my back. Most importantly, I dont really go anywhere fun during the week. Its mostly work and school and if I have to take another photo of my street, I wont make it. Lol.

I decided to start my day early so I could hang out at home tonight. We're having art night and I'm excited.  Maybe I'll  paint tonight...

Anyway, I decided to edit some of the photos on my phone and show you. Same deal as last time. Enjoy!



This child is a model! She was just posing like she owned it.


My little girl. Everyday that passes I love her even more.

I wanted to play with the settings a bit. In reality was a happy accident.


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