Surfing the City... Again!

November 18, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Hello all!

     Its been a minute, I know. Between work, lockdowns, and the general uncertainty of life, I’ve been slacking at blogging. To the honest, I love writing but I cannot seem to sit down to get this done.

     I continued to edit the photos I had already taken. Unfortunately, Chicago’s “soft lockdown” unables me to run around and shoot. It sucks, but I understand that it has to be done. Hopefully, next year will be better… and a bit warmer.

     To combat the lack of “outside”, I’m planning to make a small photo studio and use my partner as my model. I think I’ve talked about this before.  That said, we have outgrown our 1-bedroom apartment, so I STILL have to figure out where to fit a background and lights. I may have to invade the kitchen. LOL!


Surfing the City... Again!

I tried to make this a Geode, It's getting there but I'm sure I will get there soon. #learning

I'm really intrigued with intricate forms like this. I always tend to gravitate to either really simple or incredibly difficult works. What do you think?

Left side: Reminds me of Puerto Rico

Right side: I think it's beautiful! 

Really colorful! It almost looks tridimensional. I really like this shot. :)

A shot from Chicago Ave. I may use this photo in an upcoming show. COVID-19 permitting. 

999. I always see repeated numbers. Do you do as well?

I believe 999 means that you are being call to help others. I have a plan for that :P




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