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November 29, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

     Greetings all! Welcome to Masterpiece Photo-Theather! Not really. LOL! I've used the last couple to relax and show off my coolness while sitting on my recliner. In hindsight, I should have used some of the time to take some Thanksgiving photos. Then again, I really didn't do much. COVID-19 has stricken the fear of god into me and I decided to stay home, read, and watch YouTube videos. I also don't think my life is of interest to anyone, so I decided against showing you photos of me, passed out in my broken recliner. You are welcome. 

     I also have a bit of a rodent problem. Since it's cold out, a family of mice has been trying to move into my kitchen. So I've taken an executive decision and I have denied them entry into my home. If you are not paying rent you can't stay here. So far I haven't seen much movement. That said, I need to clean all the cabinets so I can keep my sanity.  

     I'm almost sure I have more edited photos to show you. I've been studying the technical part of photography on my mini-vacation. I figured if I can't/won't shoot then I'll study. I still need space for my photo studio. No matter how I accommodate things, there is just no space. If I had more money, I would rent an art studio. But, money is a bit hard to find these days.

    As I write this, I've come up with a couple of ideas:

1. Make a small background and use it to practice shooting small items. 

2. Work with existing surfaces and take headshots.  Example: Use the stainless steel refrigerator as a silver background etc. 

3. Construct mobile "headshot"  backgrounds that I can store away and/or reuse.

     Next week will be a busy one. Especially Friday. But I have planned and separated a 3-hour period on Saturday solely to work on art and photography.  I'm very excited about that. Wish me luck and good vibes so I can make awesome things. 



Fancy tree photo. I really like how crisp it looks. I might make a print for myself and hang it at home.

This is nature. National Geographic hire me! 

I was going for a thing here. But I've forgotten what it was, LOL!

You have been cordially invited to our wedding. #mood



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