Cellphone Photos: Covid-19 Edition

March 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

     So, here we are again. I'm an essential worker (not a nurse or anything like that) but the business I work for is considered essential so I have to show up to work. When I leave said work, I'm impressed with the number of people I see outside. Now, I'm sure ALL those people don't need to be on the street. They seem to be exposing themselves and their loved ones unnecessarily. I don't think this is just the flu. There's more. Too many people seem to be having issues after "successfully" recovering. I have to be really careful. If I were to get sick I'm sure that I would not be one of the asymptomatic "lucky" ones. I'd have a horrible time. If you get anything from this paragraph let it be this:  STAY HOME! 

     I've taking cellphone photos of my daily happenings. I'd say it's pretty normal boring stuff. I'm OK with that. I've been on an end of the world/conspiracy kick all last week and while I can understand the entertainment part of it, there's a certain part of me that is truly scared. I really need to lay off, but its EVERYWHERE!

    I took a break last week and haven't dealt with any thesis stuff. I need to get back to it. I need to take advantage of this time and finish it. I would really enjoy getting that diploma. I've left it hanging for way too long.  That said, here are some shots of my daily life. At some point, I'd like to do a "Day in My Life" post. Do you guys remember those Livejournal groups? I really enjoyed them. I don't know who's doing that now. I gotta check that out. I never seem to finish shooting a whole day. I always get distracted, forget what I'm doing and the whole thing dies. Bah! If I do try again, I'd like it to be a day when I'm actually doing something cool. Because let's face it, no one wants 35 pictures of me laying in bed watching YouTube videos and eating chips. LOL!

ANNNNDDDD again photos below!

Cellphone Photos: Corona-rona -rona-rona Edition

I've been making masks. My goal is to make enough to donate to hospitals or whoever needs it. I'm having issues with the elastic. I have also run out of it. I have an order coming so it will have to wait a bit. I also saw that Joanns Fabrics has another pattern that does not require elastic. I have already downloaded it and will try it out soon. 

I zoomed the hell of this shot. She looked so cute! Also, my floors are hella dirty. 

This is what they both love most. If it were up to them this would be a job.

"Take a photo of me painting" I did and this what came out. That lighting is horrible. I swear I can do better. LOL!


I can't draw but this cat came out pretty decent. You can see that it's a cat. I am proud. 

My work chair decided to die (again). My co-worker was nice enough to fix it for me. This chair is pretty awful. I got it because it was cheap and seemed to work for our needs. Don't buy this chair. 

Another photo of the queen of the house. We've been giving her a new medication and it makes her eat a lot. She has the cutest baby belly. It's so cute!!!

I got these disinfecting wipes from Amazon a while ago and never really paid attention to them. But a couple of days ago I got a really good look at them and realized... that doesn't it remind you of the Sims? I am living in a simulation? Are we all living in a simulation??? If we are this particular one sucks and I want my money back. No, but seriously, Isn't Solimo a Sims brand? Like, buy this Solimo kitchen set for 20 simoleans...

I have never seen this lot so empty. 

I think I took this shot the day after we all got hit with a "chancleta" by the mayor. The scolding of the century had some effects... for like 3 days. I got out of work today and it looked like a normal day. #STAYHOME 

This is my Facebook shot. LOL! Actually I was trying out the angle because supposedly it hides your undereye area. I have hollow areas under my eyes. I don't really like it. But it doesn't bother me enough to get it corrected. That said, this pose does not work for my specific problem. I'm sure that If I applied makeup it would help. Also, I'm pretty sure this pose is more for people that have bags under their eyes. 

If you look closely there are 2 red areas on each side of the upper part of my nose. Those are because I keep scratching my eyes. I really need to stop touching my face...

This child thinks she's a cat. (except when she's busy barking at random people outside.

I decided to start painting last week. I figured I could entertain myself while on lockdown. But then I got called to work, so yeah. I'll try to finish it next weekend. 


This is what I deal with, LOL!


This is the same place as the previous lot photo.  It seems random but what I was looking for was a shot of the shape of the sun. Chicago is weird and I haven't seen the sun in like 6 months... bear with me.


(Excuse the shitty photography. Apparently I stopped caring) 

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