Corona Diaries part 2 (There might be a lot of them...)

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   In an effort to clean out my cellphone, I transferred most of my images to the computer so I could upload them online. I've noticed (we all have) that if I transfer directly from the phone it takes forever and the upload will probably fail. My upload is about 700+ images so I won't but all of them here. But I guess I could use the photos as fillers in case I can't shoot anything that week. 

     Today I went to the grocery store and gather some essentials. I was expecting lines to get into the local and most foods to be unavailable. That wasn't the case. I was able to get everything I needed (even toilet paper) and had no issues whatsoever. I feel lucky. I've heard certain places have had issues with food shortages. After getting the groceries, I went ahead and FINALLY decided to cook that frozen turkey I've had in my freezer since the dawn of time. In 4.5 hours we will have a 20-pound turkey to munch on. That makes me really happy. 

    Moving on, here are some photos for your enjoyment :)


Corona Cellphone Dump #1

My time in Miami. That horse is a waste of money. I think it costs about $30 million dollars. Then again, here I am talking about it. So maybe achievement unlocked???

Here is some info about it. 

Click here!!!


There is A LOT of new construction in the Miami area. I'm sure that the next time I visit I won't recognize a damn thing. 

I really like this photo. It reminds me of another photo I took years ago from a hospital parking lot. I think that specific photo was taken in 2009. If I find it, I will try to post it. 

These suckers wanted to poo on us. They were beautiful but carried a dangerous weapon in their guts. That reminds me, I have to clean my car from all the bird poop it got last week. I'm pretty sure I'm a target for those bread-filled colons... 

That iguana wanted to hang with us HARD. My sister and I are terrified of them. We shushed it as much as we could. Eventually, it got the message. 

Impromptu photo shoot. Please enjoy my crazy face.


My cousin's dog is a Star Wars extra. Also, this crazy dog decided to jump in the canal (picture above) to follow a duck. My mom and I told my cousin that we would take care of Riley (dog) 5 minutes before the event so she could take a shower. We failed as dogsitters. Please don't hire us. LOL!

My aunt's dog Mia (pictured on the left). 

The most amazing gift! (pictured right)

Rest in peace Honey. I love you.

We surprised my mom with a birthday party since she had to spend her actual b-day in the hospital.

On the left, my sister and her boyfriend trying to get my mom's new hammock to work. It did not so it was returned. 

Luxury dog harnesses. Yes, it is apparently "a thing".

Many games of Jenga were played. I want to say I won. Actually, I'm pretty sure I did. 

I really liked that purse. I will be in the market pretty soon for a new one. Last time I went to Kohls they had a 40% off sale. I might check their site soon. 

Overly shiny building

I also have no idea who those people were.

Most awesome garage. Very cute (and expensive).

Mom wanted red things. Mom always wants red things. 

Again, no idea who these people are. Social distancing was not a thing last year.

Also (and more importantly), this place had awesome food. What I'm most amazed at was (and my most remembered memory) was the fact that my sister was able to memorize all our orders, substitutions and everything and order for us. 

Yaaas gurl!


My little girl. I miss her so much but I rather that she stay in heaven than to be with me in pain and suffering. I had her for almost 16 years. She was probably sick of me. Wherever you are I love you Honey Lee. 

TGI Friday's meal. Before this, It had probably been 10 or 15 years since I visited the chain. We used to have a couple of them in Puerto Rico, but one day they all closed. No warning or anything. If I remember correctly, it was a sanitation issue and the franchise owners didn't want to put money in repairs. It was a long time ago. I'm sure I got those details wrong. 

Trying unsuccessfully to explore Dever airport. In all honestly, it's hard to roam around these places. Not only security is tight but also I'm in need of a wheelchair most times during my visits to airports. So it's not like I can ask the airport employees to wheel me around so I can explore. That said, I did not get to see any crazy murals. I really wished I did though. There's always next time! 

PS: There is totally an underground base. There way too much-unused land around the place to convince me otherwise. 


I believe this was Pete's Kitchen in Dever. I had a burger and it was delicious. 


I really like that purse.

Fell in love with this hand. I need it. Actually, Amazon sells them. So if anyone out there wants to gift me this piece, I'll forever love you.

Mile High Comics... I LOVE YOU!!!!

Mile High Comics

So many awesome things here! I really loved the Denver area. So wonderful! 


My friend's parents were awesome! They made my stay so comfy. Thank you for showing such a wonderful time! 

Also, big ups to my friend for being my Uber for the weekend and showing me around. You are amazing!!!

Pizza and toys. I loved the smell of freshly-made pizza. It smelled like home. 

I should have bought this book when I had the chance. I tried to get it through my library and I'm not sure what happened. I need to try again after the lockdown.

Beautiful town at the base of the mountain. I want to live here.

Nothing says Puerto Rico like a house with Lestoil. 

Oh, hi!!!

Valentine Adventures. Yes, that is my photo face.

Someone made a Demogorgon pipe. LOL!

That little lady is the subject of my painting. I've had it forever and love her dearly. 

I need to get my nails done YESTERDAY! I've already lost 2 of them my left-hand feels naked. 


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