Coronavirus: A Stroll to Remember... (not really)

April 10, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

     Due to the current world pandemic (never thought I would actually have to write those words in a real-time setting) I'm stuck at home. It's weird because I've had the opportunity to go and hang out loads of times before the apocalypse. Yet, the world ending is what gets me motivated to take a damn stroll. In the end, I did take a small walk with the boyfriend and the dog. I figured I could get some cellphone shots in the process. 

*NOTE*: I haven't edited these photos, but I really should...


Coronavirus:  A Stroll to Remember

The alley. A place for poop, (It's where our garbage is collected). Actually, a place to pee. My BF found one of our neighbors peeing on the walkway leading to the alley.  Tu sabes, tranquilo. *sigh*

I don't recall one of the meters being missing. I wonder if it's from the unoccupied apartment on our floor? 

Maybe the meter missing was broken? In the entryway, there was always a sound really similar to a baby bird crying. It took me until RIGHT NOW to realize it was the meters. I kept looking for a hurt bird for almost 2 weeks. 


I posted a photo of this set on IG today. As we can observe, she is tired of my bullshit. 

When we went out we took my in-law's dog Mayla with us. Mayla has WAY too much energy. No one keeps up with her. She's also a bit crazy, but we love her anyway. 


My thinking for this photo was: Look how beautiful is the sky and the trees. I'm sure I can photoshop that building out later. I didn't do it, friends. I just didn't do it...


I never realized how big that tree is. It's going to look so lovely once summer arrives! (It never arrives. It only visits for 3 days and leaves. This is Chicago, after all.)





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