A Bike Trip to Humboldt Park

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     I've been trying to unsuccessfully write this post this whole week. See, for some reason, my phone has been uncooperative. I still haven't figured out what that exact reason is, but I have the feeling it's that time of the year where I start looking for a new Android. I've low-key put it on my to-do list, but realistically I know it's not really an option until at least August. That would put this phone on the year mark and it would also make it the longest-lasting phone I've had in the last seven years (congratulations Samsung).

     Next week will be a doozy! I have lots of appointments (medical and other) but I'm really excited. I have come in contact with some individuals that I'm excited to learn from. Any chance I get to learn new skills or collaborate with amazing individuals I'll take. It's all very exciting and I will update you on what comes of it.

     As for July 4th, I'm not really in the mood to celebrate. I had this idea that I would clean the grill and have a little cookout, but instead, I cleaned the kitchen and decided to organize myself for the week. What I really mean to say is, I cleaned and I don't want to get it all dirty :)

Back to photography...

     I took some shots with my phone from my bike adventure to Humboldt Park last week. I had traced my route so I would spend the least amount of time on the busy streets. Unfortunately, I missed my exit (I concentrated so hard I managed to go past it) and ended up riding exactly in the busy area I wanted to avoid. On the plus side, no cars hit me and I was able to conquer the trip. Next time, I'll look more carefully at the signs. 

     Humboldt Park was full. Lots of people having picnics, walking their pets and having fun. I did a couple of laps around the park and took some photos. These are the shots I'm showing in this post. I also rode to the bike shop but managed to get there at 6:14 pm. They had closed at 6:00 pm. I really need to get a drink holder for my bike. I bought one off Amazon and I swear I managed to purchase the worst item on the whole website. I returned it immediately.

Here are some shots from my park visit. I really hope you enjoy them Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear your feedback.


A Bike Ride to Humboldt Park! 

I really wanted to mess around with different styles. These shots were good practice. This a lovely shot of what I believe is the back of the boathouse.

When I was growing up, there used to be these picture books aimed at elementary school students that were sold with the sole purpose of being used as homework. Especially if you had social studies schoolwork and your teacher wanted a photo of the Tainos. I'm sure they are still sold in EVERY SINGLE PUERTORRICAN PHARMACY EVER. When I saw this photo it reminded me of that and I tried to recreate it. A bit farther down, there is another edit of this same shot. Did you ever see those picture books? I miss them. They were awesome. 

The issue with lots of texture, contrast, lines and desaturated shots is that it is hard to make them look decent. If you ever have taken a black and white photo of food, you know what I mean. If you haven't, go ahead and do it. I assure you, it is not for the squeamish; it looks like throw up. My intent for this edit was not to have that happen. I believe I succeeded. 

I got very shy while taking this shot. I had to hype myself up in order to turn my bike around and shoot. I was happy I did. Little did I know that in every shot I had managed to make the ultimate photographer's faux pas... I put my 'effin finger in the lens! ARRRGGGGHHH!!!! I didn't notice until I started editing. So after screaming at the moon, I tried to work with it as best I could. I was brave, so I'm posting it! 

Next to the closed bike shop was this. It is lovely so I snapped a pic. :)

Curious Note: While I was taking this shot an older gentleman warned me about leaving my bike unattended. He was right, I was quite careless. When I was editing this photo, I kept thinking about The Walking Dead. It had that type of feeling to it when uncropped. I wasn't going for that so I trimmed it a bit. 


This is what I meant. If it doesn't give you picture homework vibes, then I can't help you. LOL!





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