My Weird Flower Obsession and How I Eclipse You

June 20, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

       It's 12:54 am. As I sit here writing this blog post, I'm watching a live stream of today's eclipse. I'm quite excited about it, as I always seem to miss most of the important ones. Well, I was able to see (kinda) the last big one. Was it two years ago? It's been a while. I'm entertained by the fact that most of the hosts' conversations are warnings not to look directly at the eclipse without protection. I am reminded of a certain president that was famously photographed doing just that. Well, if it doesn't blind you, it certainly makes you stupid. LOL!

       Last week was easier than the previous one. It went by faster and didn't feel so draining. I was also able to quickly take some shots of flowers from my place of employment. I wish I had more time to do so. I'm still trying to get a feel for the old camera. I plan to use it as my every day, If-i-break-it-i-wont-cry-as-much system. I figured that if one of these suckers is going to break, let it be the old one. I'm excited about this whole ordeal. That said, manual mode all the way. This Canon camera seems to think EVERYTHING is better overexposed. (Pretty sure there's a setting I need change).

       My hand is still giving me issues. I have now come to the realization that if I ever were to lose an arm, I would be useless. I can't even scratch my butt properly. LOL! X-rays claim nothing is fractured or broken but no doctor seems to able to explain what's wrong with it and why it hurts so bad. I have a follow-up phone appointment on Monday. I also have a new doctor who will take a look at it in about 3 weeks. I went ahead and bought a new wrist guard with steel plates so I can keep the area fixed. It's helping but finger movements tend to affect the wrist even though I have the guard on. Let's just say I'm not enjoying the experience. 

       Flowers... Many, many flowers! I swear I must be driving all crazy with them. Surprisingly, I'm not a plant person but I love taking photos of them. They are lovely but except for photography, they don't fit my lifestyle. I want to include more diversity in my photography, so if any of you have ideas, let me know. I'm in!

       Lastly, I had electrolysis done on Friday. I have paid someone to torture me for 30 minutes. I hate going, but I love the result. If they could knock me out for the whole process, I would pay to get all my body done. "Here's my money, see ya tomorrow!". This should be a thing, just putting it out there.

       And now FLOWERS!!!

I've been playing around with the presents on Lightroom. I tend to see what I like then edit those settings until I come up with the final result. I'm still learning and there is LOTS to study. I really loved the way it looks. There is something about muted colors that draws me to them. Mostly, I think they look deep. I can tell people "look at me, I'm a deep, scarred soul". And just then, I flip my 2002 fringe.  

Again, lots of playing around. This one was a doozy! The shot was SO blurry and weird. So, I gave myself the challenge. I'm quite pleased with it. Mostly, because It doesn't look like my usual edits. It's weird but in a good kind of way. I'm sure there is someone that will agree with me. 

I love both of these! The left one looks like it belongs on a wedding invitation or some sort of important rite of passage. The right on reminds me of all those nature documentaries. Does the Chicago Botanical Garden need a photographer? I'm here! I'm here!!!

Same thing, candid wedding shot. I imagine shooting for a wedding must be a nightmare. I've only done one wedding shoot. It was the majority of my friend's wedding gift. I uploaded some of those shots here (Click HERE for that blog post). Weddings, in particular, tend to be very stressful for everyone, especially photographers. You HAVE to make sure you get the shot. And you need to be able to control and coordinate different kinds of drunk. To all those wedding photographers, I salute you. You rock and I have no idea how you get it all done.  

PS: Solar eclipse is done. I win!


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