Life After Graduate School and The Austin Voice Photos

September 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Hello all! I've once again disappeared for a bit. In my defense, I had a good excuse. I was finishing up my Master's thesis. I'm still working on some details but it has been handed to my coordinators and advisors. It's out of my hands now. I'm happy and relieved. Now I'm back and hopefully, I will be able to update this blog weekly again. 

I have big news! I'm on the paper!!!! The Austin Voice printed some of my photos on this week's paper. I'm so happy! It gave me the motivation I've been lacking. School has been hard and I'm not looking forward to doing it again. But I will say the thought about someday people having to refer me as Dr. Lopez entices me, LOL!

Anyhow, I leave you the article below. I want to thank The Austin Voice for the opportunity and a special thanks to Alvin for his help and guidance. Thank you!!!

Check them out at The Austin Voice



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