Evelyn's Big Adventure!: Now in 4K (Not really)

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    I have been SUPER busy these past two weeks. I haven't been feeling too good and I've been working a lot. I also adopted a puppy! Well, were in the process of adopting her but she has been here with us for the past two days. Her name is Rain - Bow. Her original name is Rain so I added the "Bow" as I wanted her to represent new beginnings and joy. She is an adorably cute Chiweenie. She's smart, sweet and we are in love! I still miss the girls but having Rain-Bow is a blessing since she has brought lots of happiness to our home. We are very lucky. I want to do lots of activities with her. It's my way of making up for the times I felt I didn't do enough for the other two. Everyone has told me that we treated them like princesses and that I shouldn't have these thoughts; I think I'm still processing that part of the grieving process. Eventually, I'll be OK. In the meantime, I'll have to try my best to not cry in front of Rain-Bow so I don't scare her. By the looks of her she's been through some hard times as well. It's my job as her new mom to make sure she is happy, healthy and knows she is loved. Let me just put it this way: she will be spoiled excessively.

***UPDATE: I have officially adopted her as of yesterday (08-04-2020)

     I still have to write a story for the project I'm planning for this blog. Two years ago (this is the third time I've used the word "two" in this post), I started writing a sci-fi story called The Igo Box. Continuing this story is a possible option. It also kills two (see?) birds with one stone. Nothing would make me happier than being creative and efficient. Well, eating without gaining weight is a very close second.

     I edited some shots last week for the blog. I was definitely in a experimental vibe and I loved the results. Let me know if you like them!


Evelyn's Big Adventure!: Now in 4K (Not really)

I went for a long walk a couple of weeks ago. I decided that instead of just picking up my food in the car, I would "gain" it by walking to the place. In total I believe I walked about 8 miles. Not bad Eevee... not bad.


Took this while walking on Cicero Ave. It's apparently abandoned (as far as I can remember) but the sign is pretty neat. I love old signs and city signals. I have no idea why.

This building had the most amazing brickwork. I've noticed it a few times before on other buildings but this one in specifically is very cool.  

Took a peek at the state of the Forman Mills after the looting. The place was destroyed. It seems they decided to make some upgrades to the building as they re-asphalted the parking lot. 

Never thought I would see a working one of these again...

My attempt at trying to be artsy.

I love this shot because after the editing it look like a Sims game. Look at the little car!!!

Dont loot!

Official wedding photo of 2021. 2020 is Corona themed.

Some work on Cicero. It looks scarier than what it is... I hope.

2020 in a nutshell.

Make them calls gurl!

I was trying to replicate the artist I talked about on my last blog. It definitely does not look like her work but it was certainly inspired by.


P.S.: Still learning doggy speech. As soon as I do, I will be posting a nauseating amount of puppy photos. Be warned, LOL!


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