MSI Marvel Adventure

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   Last Friday we were lucky enough to have a chance to visit the Museum of Science and Industry Marvel exhibit. I really loved seeing all the costumes and learning about the comic-producing process. I did think that the exhibit itself needed more interactivity in its theme. That said, I'm not sure if that's just my personal taste or it was a decision made because of COVID-19. Either way, it was great and I had a lot of fun.

   I started editing today. I'm sure that this "series" will extend into 2-3 parts. I guess it will depend on how much editing I can stand. I also went to the forest this weekend so be on the lookout for that post as well. 

   I'm in the process of apartment hunting, so some of my free time has been compromised. Oh, yeah, sewing classes have started again. So things will happen at a slower pace (so from forever to an infinity crawl, lol!). I want to document our moving day. Unfortunately, I don't believe that I'm allowed to photograph certain properties so I'll only document the actual day itself. Which is fine by me because I've seen some eye-assaulting apartment units. HA. HA. HA! 

   Lastly, I want to update you on a project I've been thinking about. I can't say what it is yet as I'm still trying to figure out how to make it happen, but it will be on YouTube (If I'm able to do it, feel like I want to, decide video editing is not hell on Earth etc.) Basically, it's a way to do all the things I would like to practice. Also, It's kind of an homage to memories. Again, I've sent a few emails, done some preliminary research but nothing concrete. I'm hopeful I can get this going, but I have to finish uncompleted projects first. I'm trying my best this year not to take on new activities until I finish the current ones. I don't want to leave a trail of random, unfinished crap everywhere I go. That sort of behavior weighs you down. 

   Anyway, take a look at the first edits. Let me know if you like them! 



I really loved how this edit turned out. It's so smooth that looks like an animation! To think that the original shot was a crooked hot mess, lol! For some reason, some of my shots ended up crooked. I have no idea why. So they require extra editing...meh. 

  I had some issues with both of these photographs.

Iron Man was being a pest and my shot was crooked. Then Fury decided to mess with my colors. In the end, I ended up trying new approaches and learned a bit more. Could Iron Man be better cropped? Probably. Could I learn how to use Lightroom? Maybe. Am I pleased with how far I've gotten? Yes. Absolutely yes. #blessed LOL 

Is it me or does it seem like Captain America's head has been replaced with a skull?


I really want to make that headpiece.

Taking this shot required patiently waiting for people to get out of the way. Congratulate me like I'm five.

I also have it in a bunch of colors. #hoggingthemuseum

Hulk being photogenic. 

Bunch of original artwork and artist renditions. I may do a post about this. That said, my crooked shots mostly involved these pieces. We'll see.

I need to learn how to better take photos in these sorts of situations. Or better yet how to compensate for them.

Truth be told, I cheated and used the auto-setting on my camera for the whole evening. I wasn't feeling my manual and ended up paying the price. If you learned anything today, let it be: don't be lazy. 


Smooth AF!

I love how colorful these ended up.

A big issue I encountered during shooting was reflection. As I took photographs, I had to be selective on what angles to shoot as I needed to minimize glare and the reflection showing up on the photograph. That also could contribute to the reason some photos were crooked. I thought I was careful not to have this happen, but all of us have our off days. I'll be fine, LOL!



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