Lost - The REAL Forest Edition

May 08, 2021  •  1 Comment

   Hello again friends!

   It's been a hard week. It seems like the universe wants me to learn a lesson but doesn't know how to so I'm just here getting annoyed. It's a bunch of doctor issues and paperwork I don't want to get into. But basically, there is nothing they can do for me at this time. I guess I'll have to find another way. 

   I finally got all the materials I needed to hang my photo background from the wall. However, It seems that the part of the wall I need to drill into has brick on the inside or something encased inside the drywall  I can't seem to figure out. I would hate to drill in deeper and mess something up. So, unless I can figure out what's inside (and it's definitely not wood), I'll have to leave it alone for now. Sense the joy of my words... go ahead... sense it. I dare you. 

   Anyway, I went ahead and quickly edited some shots for today. Next week, I will have to find an adventure. I'm also getting my 2nd shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. If I die you all can have my stereo. LOL! I think I'll be fine. But just in case, I will do my errands early. I have an inside project I'd like to do. If for some reason I can't find adventure, there are always soap shots... you'll see. 

Let me leave you with...


Lost - The REAL Forest Edition

I really love these shots. I might just get them printed and hang them in the new place. (Once we decide where that is, LOL!)

Those flowers look so smooth... 

I have a couple of shots of this area. I always remember as the place where Rain-Bow decided to follow her dad's bad decisions. 

Another fancy shot. There's a bunch of fancy shots on this post. Maybe I just FEEL fancy. 

This place is amazing. I really need to go again and explore this place without a bike. So much easier to take photos.

I want to revisit the photo on the left. It's this beautiful tree that somehow has been broken vertically in half and somehow is still standing. I need to find it again. 

On the right, some branches and a sky view. I love that blue!

This is the preamble of our visit. We wanted to make sure we could bring Rain-Bow and that she would respond to us if we decided to let her loose. Thankfully, she behaved excellently and we felt comfortable taking her on this new adventures.

I mean, what can I say. Trees are groovy and great photo subjects. :)




Cari luz Lopezlas(non-registered)
Estan bellisimas las fotos. Cada dia tus tiros de camara lucen mas acertados y con tecnica mas depurada. Te felicito.
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