Let's Pretend the last Few Weeks Never Happened

June 05, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


     I've been having a hard time lately. A series of life events have put me in a rut. I rather not go into it online as these events have not ended. Maybe one day I can look back at these crazy couple of weeks and laugh. I'd really like that. I've been trying to hold on to the rails as this rollercoaster of crap speeds up and loops around the park. It's been hard, but I think the end of that ride is coming. I am grateful and look forward to a worry-free summer. 

     I keep thinking about this blog. I want to show you so much! I need to make this space a priority because even though thinking about what to post gives me a constant "worry-headache", I know I must not stop creating. My plan today was to edit and post the photos from my last forest trip (which I'm sure you must be sick of all these posts, sorry!), my computer decided to give me crap. For a whole hour, we played, "Let's not connect to iCloud and when we do be painfully slow to download photos". We also played "Adobe Suite Fails".  So even though my goal for the day has been sidetracked, I did manage to edit 3 shots I'd like to show you. Enjoy!


OMG Why do you hate me Apple/Adobe/Computer Shots! 

I love this photo of her. She looks so cute!!! When Honey died, I felt lost. I tried my best to feel better but my mental health took a dangerous dive and I wasn't sure I could get it back up. Honey was my protector and the love of my life. Honey saved me. She was responsible for saving my life and is the reason I still exist. When she left this realm I couldn't handle it. Life just wasn't the same. I miss her everyday and just thinking about her or seeing her photos makes me cry. I love her so much. When Rain-Bow came to us, I kept telling myself that we were just going to foster and I didn't need to keep her. But from the moment she was in my arms, I knew she was staying. She makes me so happy. And even though she is not Honey, I am learning that in my heart there is an unlimited space to love and that every love is different. I feel very lucky to have been given these beings to accompany me on my journey and even though it hasn't been an easy ride, I know they have my back and will never let me fall. So, thank you Honey, Hershey, Rain-Bow and Perlita. I love you all.

A very fancy photo of a fallen tree. I enjoy black and white photography. It's subtle but beautiful. Honestly, it makes me feel incredibly sophisticated.


This root is very weird-looking. The whole root system in the area is magnificent. Nature is incredibly complex but also simple when broken down. For example, most people I've meet have features I've seen before. Almost if they come from some sort of mold. Face shapes, mannerisms, moles, etc. are duplicated a myriad of times and mixed with other molds to create people. I find it facinating! 


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