Nature Hangouts and Other Mischievous Adventures

July 09, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

   It's been a while, no? I apologize. Last month was ...unpleasant. My world felt like it was collapsing. My life was filled with stress and I really would like not to remember it. But, I did manage to pick up the camera a few times and get some sweet shots. I warn you in advance, July will be filled with lots of busy moments. I'm moving!!! I finally found an AWESOME place and I move in August! I might (and should) document the whole thing, as I should keep good memories in my internal file cabinet. I'm really excited about this move and change of environment.

   Last week, I took some photos at a friend's daughter's b-day. I also took some shots of Rain-Bow and an outing in the forest a few weeks back. I'm so excited to show you. I've also been playing a bit with Lightroom. So yay! LOL! Check them out and let me know what you think! I'd love to hear it!


Here we GO!!!

So cute shots of Rain-Bow. Look at the sweet watermark, LOL!


I simply love this shot!

As you can see, creativity was sparked.


All the beautiful flowers! I think they look so delicate and beautiful. Photographing them is easy. Nature does all the heavy lifting. 


Fun at the park! 

More flower power!

Exploring the trails with Rain-Bow


The river

The End :)


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