High Art

July 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

   Finally edited all the photos I had in my queue! Now, I officially start my summer shooting. Well, I would if the weather looked like summer. It's been raining a lot, which messes with my outing schedule and mobility. When it's damp out, my body wants to sleep 18 hours a day and the humidity makes me stiff which makes it hard to move around. That makes me sad and when I'm sad the muse is gone. Actually, the muse decides it's a better idea to watch Netflix while partaking in nachos. We all handle things differently, don't judge me.

   I'm moving in about a week. I've packed the She-shed and have no idea where all my crap is. I counted 20 boxes! Twenty fucking boxes for the She-Shed V.2 (working title). I will be surrounded by boxes for the rest of my life. To summarize my current situation: Moving sucks. But it will be worth every penny.

   I have decided that I will try my best to make V.2, (new She-Shed lingo) look awesome. I'll have a sewing station, a photography and filming area, and a reading nook. I've also decided to try that TikTok DIY where they take old CDs and stick them to the ceiling. V.2 is going to look amazing! and purple... very, very purple. I might also spend the cash and make myself a neon sign. It will say She-Shed in purple and/or pink. I have no idea how neon signs are made and I really want it to look nice. I'm so excited!!!

   Let me show you my newest edits. I've been thinking about exploring vector and kawaii art. I may start learning more about it after the move. 


High Art! 

Flowers are in bloom! If I could change anything about the city, it would be to have more summer days. Again, I'm the only person advocating for global warming... to happen. Well, me and the oil indutry. LOL!

I may print this out for the new spot

I have a couple of shots like these. I just enjoy the texture.

This shot would be great to paint. After I'm done with my Saturnian dessert I can think of starting this one... maybe.

This tree screams to me I'm melting!!! 

Boyfriend wants me to print this photo for him so he can relive the 90's like the boomer he is. LOL

I'm still putzing around with this photo. But I figured, why not!


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