Cellphone Photo Dump #14 - I think I'm getting the hang of this...

February 19, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

   So it's been another minute, I know. I was noticing that making this a weekly thing (like I originally wanted to) was going to be quite the task. Most of the time I am too occupied with other projects to sit down and really think about what to say. Also, during the winter months, I'm not that active in regard to my photography. I try to avoid the cold at all costs. My fibromyalgia and arthritis make it difficult to be outside too long. But mostly, I'm just a big chicken. LOL! I try to spend the winter months doing inside activities. Usually, my sewing skills get better every winter :)

   I've been asking friends about their gear and the outside. I worry that if I take my camera everywhere (even to do tasks) I will ruin it. I also worry about carrying the extra weight. To my photography peeps, do you guys carry your gear always?  I've read some articles that pretty much say yes but I am so paranoid of ruining my only camera and my lenses that I only want to have it on me if I'm exclusively shooting. But again, not having it with me means less practice and fewer shots. Any ideas, comments, suggestions? I'm all ears. 

   I have put together what I believe is my 14th Cellphone Photo Dump. Let me remind you guys that these are just non-edited photos that I ... just like. It's definitely not an actual shoot. All that said, I can't wait until it's warm enough to go into the forest and take cute plant photos.  :)


Mama why?

Not my best but she's so adorable, I just had to! 


I smell conspiracies... (inside a Panda Express) 

When dibs counted. Then again, my spot got stolen twice even with dibs. To the man who took my dibs, I hope you step on a Lego :)

I finally decided to have an actual professional fix the hot mess I had made out of my hair. I just want you all to know that the last hair reiteration was brought to you by "I can fix this" and "I don't need to spend $200". Turns out, I do.  

Boyfriend's plant land. I try to not get too close to them because I am capable of murdering a cactus. So my black thumb and I try to stay far away from plant life ... and humanity. :P

My friend took me to this magical place where I can purchase Beyonce's hair... which she did and I'm betting it looks amazing!

In my defense, I thought I had picked a better photo. But there's only so much I can see when picking from thumbnails. 

Pictured: My BF wet dream of NOT being bald. 

Also, the goth/metal band musician of my dreams, LOL! 

The gas company decided to change the gas pipes. The gas company also decided to leave the street looking like a hot mess. I need to report this but I keep forgetting. 

Fossils from another era. I remember those and that's the reason the younger generation calls me ma'am.

My child wants to be carried. Because the floor is now beneath her.

The official campaign pose for her 2022 political run. 

I still miss you baby girl. I hope you're having a blast in dog heaven. I love you. 

What'cha doing mom?

Again, these streets be trippin' 


I think it's time to get my nails done. Note: That fucking hurt!

Not pictured: My dog and I looking outside and having a collective NOPE!

I finished this today from scraps. Will I wear it? Maybe. Did I put one of the skirt panes backward and in order to fix it I need to basically destroy the whole thing? Yes. Will I put a tassel on top and pretend it never happened? Also, yes. 


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