I Wish I had Enough Time for Everything!

April 06, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

   Short post here. I'm slowly going to do an upgrade on this site. I want to re-do some areas and add on others. I know it sounds super vague, but I don't have a set idea. I still want to show photos, but I'm unsure if this site will become more of a personal diary of sorts. I mean, it kind of already is. LOL! 

   I need to focus more on this. I keep trying to divide all my hobbies into categories but in reality they bleed into each other. Also, in case you did not know, Chicago is still cold and I hate it. Eventually, I'm sure I will live in a place where there is more sunlight and warmth. I would like to see snow once n a while but not 9 months worth of it. 

  Lastly, started putting item on my eBay. Going slow because I working 12-hour days. But getting there. My goal is to learn the new ways to sell and the tricks. I came to the decision that all I have in my stock, then I will get the LLC. Its my personal goal. 


Some cellphone photos as to not to offend you :P

I finally got that 3D printer out of the box :)

A rare sunny day in winter

Rain-Bow being cute 

She met a cute puppy and started playing. Did I tell you she goes to daycare now? 

She needs to make some friends. 

This is how she plays, LOL!

BF made this. I thought it was awesome! :)


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