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May 23, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

 Le sigh... I had to step away from the blog for a while. I had a lot going on and I did not have to the time to properly do a post. Things are still crazy but at least I'm able to post a non-photo blog. I have some shots to show you but I haven't edited a damn thing. I'm hopeful I can sit down and do this soon.

 I've been getting sick a lot. My mental health has taken a beating lately. And my physical health has not the best either. The symptoms for body and mental are similar which makes it hard to figure out what is happening. I can't pinpoint the culprit. 

 It's crazy, I know. 

 I'm planning to take the long weekend to edit. I still have to work Saturday but Monday is a holiday and it will be a great time to sit and edit. Now that it's warmer (thank you Jesus), I can move around more and plan some photo time. That said, we've had some weird 95F degree days and I am SO NOT USED TO IT! #Bringbackthecold. It's in the 60s now which is much, much better. My optimal temperature is a sunny 75 degrees. Let's make this happen Chicago! (...Please???)

 Lastly, I want to explore analog film photography. I don't have any equipment and I only took one class on the subject. Ideally, I would like to build a small darkroom in the She-Shed. BF already sounded the "You're bringing too much shit to this house" alarm. It's true, but I like my knick-knacks. Besides, It's an organized chaos. My main life goal is to buy some land and build a compound where I could have enough space to create/make stuff. Have you ever seen TLC's Little People Big World? I'm the dad, but taller and less of an asshole. 

 Lastly Lastly (hehe), I've gotten this idea into my head that I need to find a mobility scooter, paint it hot pink and put some striping on it so I can blast White and Nerdy while I drive it around my neighborhood like a golf cart holding Rainbow like the hot boss I am. 

I will get kicked out of this city, LOL! 


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