May: Surprise Bitch!

May 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

     Hey all, I'm back! I decided I couldn't have May pass without some kind of update. Life has been a bit sad. Lots of changes to get used to. The hardest hit of the month was our dog Hershey passed. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and deteriorated fast. We weren't prepared to have 2 dogs die in less than 4 months. I think I'm handling it well... too well. I'm concerned that at some point all that sadness will explode. But right now, we both are as OK as we can be and grieving as best as we can. I miss both my children. 

     Besides the current emotional trauma, life is good. Many Amazon purchases later, I'm beginning to feel like myself again. Now, I have a cool sitting spot for the she-shed (we moved our recliner) and much reading has been done. I also purchased a new desk chair, so I should be able to use my laptop without incurring in unnecessary back pain. 

     I've also been riding my bike ... a lot. I really enjoy the wind on my face, the sound of the neighborhood, and the sense of adventure it gives me. It makes exercising fun. (Never tell anyone I said exercise was fun. I have a reputation to maintain, LOL!)

     Been lagging on the photography front. Well, it depends on how you look at it. I HAVE been taking photos for health reasons. I've been tracking my meals and sugar levels, so I got a lot of photos of that. But they are not really that interesting. I still have stuff from my last adventure which I don't think you have seen. I'm sure I posted some of them on this blog. I'll have to check what made it online. 

     My laptop's hard-drive (apparently Grammarly doesn't know what word this is) has been giving me some problems. It seems that I left the computer on for too long and it overheated taking the SmartDrive with it. It still turns on and works but it's giving me the "Hey Imma break soon" message that hate but appreciate. At least it lets me know there's a problem and gives me ample time to figure it out. So, thank you laptop for your help. Next week when I go to the weekend job I'll make sure to swing by the laptop room and purchase a new drive.

My memory is not great but I'll summarise in bullet points my month:

  • Hershey joined Honey in doggy heaven
  • Got a FitBit
  • Got a new desk chair
  • Made Jeff Besos a Trillionaire with my Amazon purchases (I was grieving, sue me!)
  • Rode bike a whole lot
  • Lost 3 pounds, gained 6 then lost 4 again (Not sure whats going on there)
  • Need to get COVID-19 tested. I have an appointment tomorrow. I'm not sick but a co-worker came down with it, so we ALL have to get the test. I wonder how far I can get that swab inside my nose? Is this a challenge Evelyn? Yes, yes it is... 
  • I will be selling some stuff on eBay. I have two older laptops that need to find new homes. Also, I have a bunch of books that need some new digs. Interested? 
  • Bought some cool art
  • Geocached, finally.

     Silly Eevee Things 

BF and I decided to go riding yesterday. We have an adventure and FINALLY found a Geocache.

It only took me 10 years of lazy trying until I finally did it!

Congrats Tiger! LOL!

*Unedited photo*


I've been seeing A LOT of repeated numbers lately... like A LOT. It happens every couple of years and it focuses me on paying attention to my life's choices. I've looked it up and it says changes are coming. 

11 11 MEANING. ... In other words, seeing 11 11 is a good sign! An energetic doorway is being opened in which you will experience spiritual growth. 11 11 meaning in summary: You are on the right path and you're being assisted by your Soul, spirit guides, and the Universe to consciously grow and expand.

     While riding BF spotted the art above. It that doesn't look like my dog Honey, I don't know what does. I looked at the bottom of the photo to see who the artist was and the numbers 1111 were written along with the artist's signature. I took it as a sign that my baby is looking out for me. It made me cry. I love you little girl and I appreciate the fact that subtlety is not in your game plan because your mama will miss any queues if it's not on a text message. I always ask the universe that if it needs to tell me something to write me an email. I'm slow to pick up queues. I would fail as part of the Scooby-Doo gang and they have Shaggy.  So, thank you Honey. You know your mom best. 
*Unedited photo*

     In our travels yesterday we saw the cutest truck EVER!!! The guy that owned was really nice and talked to us for a bit. He says he got it at a car import place. They had three and he was lucky to snag one up. That said, the horn on this thing! You would think a cargo boat was approaching! It's super loud and you would never think that sound it was coming from that little truck. I jumped up when I heard it. If the 7-11 ceiling wasn't in the way, I would have landed at O'Hare. 

*Unedited photo*

I bought a desk chair today... Surprise bitch! 

*Unedited photo*


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