The Great Randomizer: Life and COVID-19

February 18, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

   I’ve noticed I haven’t been doing much as of lately. Basically, the cold and wind have blown away my creativity.  I did however, come up with a scheme to be more productive in the cold winter months. I will create an outfit; I will design and sew it. I will also create a photoshoot around it. The point is to shoot the process and the result as I go along and share them with you. I will give myself a month to finish each project. I believe this will spark my creativity and blend the two activities I’m most interested in: sewing and photography.

   I’m really interested and excited to do this. I’ve yet to come up with my first theme. Help me come up with my first project!

   I have some ideas so far. I wanted to start of easy as to not overwhelm myself.

  1. I need short pants, maybe a shoot about pants. I would like to center my shots in a creative manner as to showcase areas of the clothing item that are not commonly shown.
  2. My ultimate alien futuristic outfit! This is super difficult. This is a project for later.
  3. Overalls. I have a pattern. But no money to buy al the fabric needed. Also, the pattern needs to be changed. Ideally, I would use fabric I already own to create all the outfits.
  4. Gloves? – I have some, but I would like a pair made specially for me just to figure out how to make more comfortable ones and with less fabric so they don’t bunch up when I put them on.


   COVID wise, I’m still COVID-19 free. At this point, I don’t know if that should make me extremely lucky or damned to live in fear. I try my best to socially distance. I avoid going to crowded places and keep contact to a minimum. However, I feel that most people have forgotten that there is a pandemic. In the city, most people wear mask and make a half-assed attempt to socially distance. But in packed places like Walmart, the story is another. I hate going to the grocery store!  If I need only two things, I’m not going to waste $35 which is the minimum in order to get delivery access. I understand the why of the chaos, but I’m worried that this pandemic will never go away if we stop cooperating. The whole thing is high on the suck spectrum.

In the meantime, I have picked some edited photos to show you. I think they are cool, but they are terribly random. Ideally, I would love to have a theme for each post (which I will hopefully attempt soon). That said, I like being able to pick moments out of my photo roll I enjoyed and share them with you. That’s the reason behind my “Cell-phone” photo albums.

Anyway, Enjoy!

I was playing around with Snapseed (because I edited all these photos on my tiny cellphone screen) and decided to double expose this image. I like the way the flowers cover my eyes and mouth. I would like to play more with this image. I would like to send it to print and hang it somewhere in the She-Shed. I mean, if I'm going to place photos of me someplace, might as well it be there. :P

This photo of Rain-Bow makes me feel very happy. She is so darn cute! I have come to rely on her more in these last few months in order to keep my mental health in check. She is by my side constantly and has become my little partner. I still miss Honey and love her dearly. But I know that there is a reason Rain-Bow is in my life and I will continue to care for her for as long as she is by my side. I love you Ichy! 

I made this food! Please ignore that dry vegan burger. It wasn't one of my best air-fried inventions. LOL! 

I love this photo because it reminds me of those recipe shots in cooking books. And BTW, those beans were the bomb! 


This is a fancy photo of my breakfast. FEEL THE ART!

Wild steps from the depths of Chicago snow! There was 4-feet of snow in my house. I needed to shovel my way out of my building. In my years in Chicago, I have never needed to do that. I told one of my bosses today that snow and geckos were part of my personal hell. AND it's STILL snowing! I'm not sure what we will do with all this snowfall. I mean, maybe it's like plastic, we can melt it to make houses... or something. 



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